The King has been transformed! Find the magic wand so we can change him back.

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king has been transformed

Wizard Oz make songs too, but right now that's not the point.

The two Aussies behind this project took the liberty of looping the music playing at the castle while the King's transformed into a dog and they expect you to dodge some bullets and mean ass turtles for a magic wand that can make it all right again. I'd say that it's the sound of my childhood, but I played Super Mario Brothers 3 yesterday.

Wizard Oz, “Mario 150”

The band has good instincts. They're not really 8-bit sample fetishists, though their synths do plug some of the fertile rock corners as New York 8-biters Anamanaguchi or Starscream. In the end they're barking up a different guitar dream, untethered from their Nintendos. Most of the songs on their recently circulating album Summer are just straight sweetly tossed rock tunes. We like.

Wizard Oz, “Marry Me Mary”

Wizard of Oz, “Why Can't I”