Amira B, "Never Gonna Fall In Love" feat. Rich G

Just in time for those hazy city nights, NYC-raised artist Amira B is back with a new single. With the warmer weather comes that sense of adventure, and who wants to be tied down away from that?
“Never Gonna Fall In Love,” the latest cut from Amira, encapsulates that wonderful sense of self that comes when striving on your own and is premiering here today on Impose along with an interview. On the track, featuring a verse from Rich G, the singer/songwriter’s smooth vocals ride atop a classic soul/R&B style beat as the sounds and textures carry you away towards better, sun-soaked, self-assured days. Enjoy with some shades, your best stunt outfit and the iciest Corona you can find.
Stream Amira B’s “Never Gonna Fall In Love” below and be sure to follow her here for more.

How did you first get into writing and performing music?
I started playing classical piano when I was 4 years old and always enjoyed singing as a little girl. I used to take dance, piano, and sax lessons, as well as participated in youth musical theater groups. By the time I got to LaGuardia High School, I was already trained classically at the piano and knew I wanted to focus on singing. I studied voice at LaGuardia, but didn’t really care for Opera and found my way into this elective class called “New Music Ensemble,” led by teacher Robert Apostle. There, we were able to express ourselves by writing our own music, recording, producing it, as well as forming a band and performing it live! Since I joined that class my Sophomore year of High School, I haven’t stopped writing, recording, and performing.
What is “Never Gonna Fall In Love” about? How did inspiration first strike?
When Andrew Cowie first showed me the beat, I loved how it reminded me of summer and I instantly knew it needed a feel good vibe vocal hook. We both decided the track should be a summer jam and make you want to blast the song and roll down the windows in your car! Even though the title has the word “love” in it, we specifically tried to stay clear of writing a typical love song.
How did you link up with Rich G?
RICH G! Man I love that guy. I met Rich G when I performed at New Jersey’s William Paterson’s College Radio Station “Brave New Radio.” Every year, Brave New Radio organizes the “Brave-Athon,” hosting 15 different bands for 15 hours of music at their studio. During a break, I went to the bathroom to put some lipstick on because I knew I was going to be interviewed by their on campus TV station and bumped into this really cool chick, who was also putting on some lipstick. She introduced herself to me as Anny and said her band The GENII Collective were here to perform for the Brave-athon too and they were up next. I went to listen to them AND FELL IN LOVE! They’re a mix of hip/hop and jazz and have a horn section, rhythm section, two vocalists, and two rappers, Jelani and Rich. Once Andrew and I figured we wanted a rapper on the track, I knew I needed Rich G to bless the song with his bars.
You’re a native New Yorker and this track has a very late 90s/early 2000s R&B vibe to it. How did your upbringing influence this track?
Growing up in NYC, you’re constantly trying to stand out, whether it’s with fashion, or the music you listen to, or just by how you act. In my household, I listened to a lot of Prince, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, which are all artists that have influenced me vastly. By the late 90’s early 2000’s I started to find music on my own. Alicia Keys, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Destiny’s Child, and TLC all became artists I listened to on the regular. I even branched out and was listening to more Hip Hop, especially any of the collaborations with Joe & G-Unit. I really miss this sound today, and was hoping to bring it back in “Never Gonna Fall in Love.”
Ultimately, what would you like listeners to take away from “Never Gonna Fall In Love”?
I think the message of the song I’d like people to get is that you don’t have to necessarily be in love with someone to be in love with life and yourself. This song is suppose to make people feel good and realize that life can be beautiful even if there isn’t someone special there for you. Live, love, laugh, go to the beach, do what makes you happy – all cliche things but I hope people feel them in a non-cliche way!