Adam Rossiter, “Punks is Hippies”

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In an oldie but a goodie, Adam Rossiter compiles over 100 photographs of LA's Trash Talk smoking weed around the world. His zine, “Punks is Hippies”, features photographs by current and former band members Garrett Stevenson and Sam Bossom in addition to himself. Whether in Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, or Brooklyn, Rossiter attests that those basic human cravings still call for satiation. And even if marijuana isn't your passion, “Punks is Hippies” still serves to document the daily routine of a full-time band, offering an intimate glimpse into life on the road, with all the highs and lows that come with it.

The photos were taken over the course of 3 years and a handful of tours, each captioned by location for archival purposes. Published by the SF-based Palm, the zine comes complete with gold foil pressed titles, silk-screened hang tags and a complimentary pack of rolling papers.

The first edition of 200 is out of print, but a second pressing is in the works. Check the Palm site for more information.