The future is all wooden records and hovercrafts

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wood vinyl

The thing about vinyl is that it's, well, made out of vinyl and has been since its more-or-less invention in 1888. Now, with the onset of the scariest thing engineers have yet to create, the 3D printer, you can print any kind of shit you dream up, and why not start with changing the tune of vinyl to a woodgrain material. At this link, you can see how Amanda Ghassael has used a laser printer to cut the first vinyl on wood, and she's even tried it on acrylic (!) and paper (!!!). She gives thorough instructions on how to do it yourself, if you've got that kind of technology. Otherwise, just revel in the magic that is the coolest development in sound engineering this week.

You can watch a video of the wooden vinyl playing Radiohead's “Idioteque” below. It's a grainy listen, but still manages to blow the mind.