(All of) The Flyers of Death By Audio

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Before we begin, we should clarify these are actually all of Entertainment4every1‘s flyers throughout the years they’ve been operating Death By Audio, but it is still a staggering amount of artwork. Thanks to the painstaking collection efforts of Jeremy Krinsley (Impose’s EIC from 2008-2011), we’ve grabbed every flyer on the E4E1 website and cataloged them by year. Dating back to 2007, you’ll see a ton of names you recognize, even more you probably don’t. Presenters and bands who have gone on to do great things, and others who vanished soon after appearing. Some of the artwork could be hung on the walls of modern art museums, while some, we’re pretty sure, are just Matt and Edan (correction, it’s actually Gavin) putting Helvetica type over funny photos. Regardless, this collection is a documented history of the caliber of talent that has passed through the halls of Death By Audio, and almost just as important, the sheer magnitude of shows they’ve hosted.

For your viewing sake (and our bandwidth’s), we’ve separated the flyers by year, with each image below linking back to the yearly collections. We highly recommend starting from 2007 so you can get a sense of then venue’s history and follow many of the band’s trajectory from openers to “too big to play there.” With well over 1000 flyers, we apologize in advance for the rabbit hole you’re about to enter.