Avant Archive's first three tapes

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Avant Archive tapes.

Avant Archive is a brand new tape label. They were kind enough to share excerpts out of their first three releases, all of which are exemplary, unique points on the compass that gets one far from the center. Sample them below.

A. Pushkin, “The Figure” c61 excerpt

It is a rare skill to put bird-chirp samples into your minimal beat tape release and survive unscathed, let alone add value to what you're doing. The cliché has been battered over the head by many lesser bedroom dance stars but there's something about the particular morning dew sounds that A. Pushkin captured that compliment the arpeggiating saw-synths like a Neuromantic bout of eco-tourism, circa Costa Rica in the year of our señor, 2046. Wait til you get to the seedy corners of the capital for the six and a half minute marker, when the sludgy bass droplets condense into an outer-worldly rave.

Black Eagle Child, “Born Underwater” b/w “The Arquebus” c30 excerpt

Switch gears for Black Eagle Child's excerpt, which sharpens its proverbial axe on that Mouthus-brand spinning stone wheel and tempers the hot white sparks that fly into the air with an Arctic wind and dude tinkling a guitar and you're in the middle of a sound tundra with no horizons or borders, though don't confuse that with a zone without people, an entirely different kind of demilitarized landscape than this rough and depopulated oblivion.

Knit Prism “Growing” c25 excerpt

Finally there's the organic bedroom cluster tucked with plenty of love and damage into Knit Prism's tape, where lo-(very-lo)-and-behold, there are also more birds to chirp alongside the sensitive cowboy ragas and loop carousels.