Daniel Blumberg and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop's collaborative drawing

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Daniel Blumberg

Ed's note: After much correspondence on a feature with former Yuck-member Daniel Blumberg, it was finally decided Daniel (now performing as Hebronix) would send us some drawings. We were thrilled with the prospect of running such a unique feature, but we had no idea the end result would be a collaborative drawing, slowly pieced over a seven day process, with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner. The following is their drawing, which begins with Daniel's contribution and tomorrow Kurt adds his input, and so on for seven days.

Lambchop has been an inspiration to me since the first time I heard them in 2007. I was 17 and a friend showed me the video to “Is A Woman.” Four months later I had dropped out of school and was in Nashville recording with Mark Nevers, who produced most of their albums. Kurt would come to the studio now and again to wander around and use the internet. We have kept in touch since. When I go to Nashville, or Lambchop come to London we see each other and last year we did a tour in Europe together. Visual art has a part in both of our processes; the most recent Lambchop album has one of Kurt's oil paintings on the cover. These drawings were made over a week of wordless communication between London and Nashville. I sent him the first image and then he replied with an amendment and so on.

Hebronix' Unreal is out now on ATP. For more drawings from Daniel Blumberg visit his website, boiledegg.org.