Detective Instinct, Schoemer Songs

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Third Uncle Records, whom we told you about through this limited edition lathe 7″ with staff favorite Honey Radar, will be releasing a similarly notable record from the UK's Detective Instinct. The four-song EP, simply entitled Schoemer Songs, is an effort on the behalf of musician Oli Heffernan, lyricist Karen Schoemer, and Mike Watt of Minutemen on vocals, and its poem-heavy, Tom Waits-ian style will surely get your head swirling with thoughts of smoke-filled cafes and basement-buried speakeasies. The vibe is so thoroughly calming that it's easy to forget that its lyrics are so sharp and cutting, bringing to mind a world since gone, where troubadours swam around the radio dial.

On top of it all, the release itself is a phenomenally gorgeous one, its rarity notwithstanding, and can be seen both above and below. Alongside Schoemer Songs and Honey Radar's A Ballerina In Focus, Third Uncle is issuing another Detective Instinct lathe, all three of which can be found at this link.