Eola, Living c60-ish

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Edwin White from Tonstartssbandht handed me this unadorned cassette during the Imposition when the Tons were playing a day show, before heading off to act as backup band to an epic Run DMT drone set in Baltimore (or so I'm told.)

Eola is Edwin's solo project and this Living cassette, pictured above, is one piece of a big art installation, a room full of these art-less translucent tapes strewn everywhere, with the music within broadcasting from above.

There's a bit of symmetry between the two long sides. Both hone on outer-realms repetition with simple tools – a capella vocal looping (which we've seen before), whimsical piano and synth solos ad infinitum. I've excerpted a bit of the B side somewhat towards the beginning of that side of the long, 60 minute-or-so tape. Watchout for some auto-tuned barbershop verbiage dropping straight into stripped down gospel straight into modulating synth ruminations.

And it's all very burned, since this is a straight rip from the cassette to my laptop:

Eola, Living B-Side excerpt