Gremlynz' Crystal Hexes excerpt

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Gremlynz, Crystal Hexes c32

Here's a cellular sleeper track to keep under your pillow and at the ready for the great alien abduction. Some people say when you meet the aliens you're supposed to show them your grasp of basic math by drawing a right triangle with lines depicting the Pythagorean theorem.

We say just play this Gremlynz track, it's got to be in their aural spectrum, or else what are they worth anyway?

The piece comes off the Crystal Hexes c32, recently released by Family Time records, and crafted by William Cody Watson, the guy behind not only Gremlynz but also Pink Priest and Malibu Wands and the ever-dependable Never Waking Up blog on this website.

Peace and light beams on this, the week-and-a-half mark to the day two thousand and ten years ago that baby Jesus was placed in the womb of a human by L Ron Hubbard in hopes that one day we would all know and love Him, as depicted in the motion picture classic Top Gun.