Famous Laughs + Sea Priest split c29

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Famous Laughs + Sea Priest split c29

Do check this new Solid Melts split between Famous Laughs and Sea Priest (sounds like Famous Class and Pink Priest, but that's surely just me). Famous Laughs injects delay fudgery and dead beat vocal to a steamrolled industrial beat. It's a beautiful dungeon, an echo-less cement chamber deep in a Berlin bowel that liberates itself gradually to surface level in a series of phased out dry synth heaves. A simultaneously neurotic and invigorating event. Sea Priest goes straight for the wash, robot vocals and analog feedback rushed into a bath of reverb before it ever got dirty. Once the low-end drops in with an appropriately aquatic beat, it's time for da Priest to emote about whispery clouds and other hard to discern subtle objects. Cue a warbly synth sequence and you've got some dandy synth pop. Pretty!

Famous Laughs, “Never Go Out”

Sea Priest, “Ars Brevis”:

The tape is available in an edition of 100 black cassettes, “self-dubbed in real time,” out August 16 on Solid Melts.