Thee Genesis P-Orridge Tag Sale in Brooklyn. For Real.

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Are you curious to know what a man/woman who leads this band and has spent heaps of money on cosmetic surgery to look like his late wife owns? Me too. Find out what lurks inside Genesis P-Orridge's closet this Saturday and Sunday in Ridgewood.

Thank Famous Accountants, a gallery started by Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan, for the chance. The pair “don't really give a shit about the 'art world'” (whatever that is) and think of their project as “an experiment using the gallery as a sketchbook,” or at least this week, as a repository for old clothes and vinyl (we hope).

Special items from Genesis' personal collection will be up for grabs, ranging from $5-$1,000, with anything over $250 charged via Paypal. All items for sale will carry a “provenance ticket” identifying them as “thee former possession of Genesis P-Orridge.” How cute.

P-Orridge underwent several cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that helped him alter his appearance and attain the looks of his wife, Jacqueline Breyer (Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge). Now, they are known as a single being, “Breyer P-Orridge”.

It is unclear if Genesis Breyer P-Orridge will be in attendance. Last we heard sh/e was stranded across the Atlantic thanks to that damn Icelandic volcano. But, can't wait to ride my new bike to this thing.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Tag Sale
Famous Accountants
1673 Gates Avenue
Saturday May 1 – Sunday May 2