Cash Money to publish books

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Big-time rap label Cash Money is introducing Cash Money Content–yes, a book publishing company. When Lil Wayne gets out today his jail time tales now has a publisher.

According to the WSJ, Ronald and Bryan Williams, founders of Cash Money, think that books can be marketed in a better way.

“You're going to see TV commercials, billboards, and plenty of YouTube
videos featuring artists and writers talking about books,” said Mr
Brown [Vernon Brown, business manager for the Williamses]. “Our books will also be sold at our concerts. When you're out in
front of 18,000 people, some will buy books, some not. But right now
many of those fans aren't being told what books are great. We'll do

This will be funny to publishers at first, and they will continue to think it's funny until they start crying. Because if there's one industry that needs a good kick in the pants from some outsiders who know what they're doing it's books. There's a built-in market here, and partnering with musicians and concerts makes a lot of sense. So much sense, one has to wonder why local bookstores and publishers haven't been doing this more often.

If it doesn't work with Cash Money, it'll work with someone. Like they said, someone needs to point people towards books–and if it's not publishers some other smart business people will.