Franco continues to save literature

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James Franco seems to be hoisting all of independent literature on his back. It was recently announced that Franco will be adapting Stephen Elliott's book, The Adderall Diaries into a movie. Or at least he's bought the rights to it, to direct and star in it.

This solidifies Franco's role as the Oprah of indie lit. If you remember, he's picking up an MFA, starred in this Gary Shteyngart book trailer and even has his own book coming out soon. Oh yeah, then there's that whole Howl thing–Franco is some sort of a writer and plays a good one on the screen.

I'm sure some people are now picking up The Adderall Diaries for their book club. Seems that fans have mostly chosen to ignore his role in the Spiderman movies, now that we all realize he should've been Peter Parker and he could've played that emo Spiderman in the last movie a lot better than Toby Maguire could have. All Franco needs to do now is start his own TV show, talk about how stressful his life is and discuss ways to make it less stressful.

All that to say, I did like The Adderall Diaries. It had an interesting conceit, the unraveling of a murder, though Elliott made some intrusions that were a little unexpected. And now there's an app for the book too.