What To Read (Right Now) XXVIV: Housefire

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Took a break from this for awhile because my reading (right now) took a turn towards inspirational student essays. But when I need an interesting break I've been turning towards HOUSEFIRE. This lit site is a spin-off (kinda) of story-a-day site Metazen, except these are all solicited with the topics given to the writers. Bonus points go to the creative bios that Master Burner Riley Michael Parker writes himself (I think). Anyway, 3 good (well, they're all good…for the most part. Maybe 3 'recent' good) ones are up right now that you will most certainly enjoy.

“When The Buckets Are Full” by Molly Gaudry.

Those freakin bloody buckets discussed in 2 paragraphs or less.

“Everything Cannot Be Terrific” by A.M. O'Malley.

No one knows for sure why she married this guy that she wasn't in love with and doesn't involve some mistaken pregnancy. There is an Elks Lodge. Try this in one, long extended paragraph.

“Something That Does Not Swell” by Christy Crutchfield.

Insufferable swelling with Pregnant Midge, playgrounds & Marvin. A bit longer, but totally worth it.

Want to know more on the HOUSEFIRE philosophy? Good recent interview at SmallDoggies.