How addicted to drugs is Tao Lin?

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Describing Tao Lin's actions as 'news' or as 'noteworthy' is always a nebulous task. But most recently he has taken to the Tumblr-Vimeo waves and the eBay desperation-waves to hock some wares. The finds? A No Idea Sampler, questions for and drawings by Bebe Zeva, police reports, and notes for Lin's Richard Yates novel and other writings.

There are also some choice drug-related artifacts, including a diagram of Tao's book tour and the drugs he took in each place and some type of book on LSD and an unreleased “Mushrooms” documentary that was supposed to appear on Tao's own MDMA Films.

The highest bid at the time of this writing is $107.50.

This has gotten some play from the “very influential” HRO Alt-Report. Alt-Report asks if “Tao will starve to death?” but the Alt-Report commenters are more interested in whether or not they should fund Tao's drug habits.

First question asks:

“Is Tao selling his sh** to fund his heroin addiction?”

Then the response:

“if you look closely at .46 you can see track marks on his neck”

Tao's girl Megan Boyle jumps in at the end and warrants this response from a commenter named: “drugexpert (not verified)”:

based on my 14 years working in a rehab center i think she's on a low dose of LSD, a medium high dose of heroin, and a large dose of adderall

Then the comments go into how much pictures of Megan Boyle are, generating higher offers than the stuff Tao has to offer.

In other news, Tao found some interns.