Judging book covers

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In the flood of HTML Giant posts, I skip over most, graze here and there, but always tune in for those by Jimmy Chen who offers part-humor/part-sophistry with an emphasis on the visual.

Chen’s most recent rash of screeds includes book covers. First it was white boxes on people’s heads, then the number of bird books or books with birds on the cover rather. Lastly, he’s settled into the meta-book trend, book covers that feature books on the cover. He divides them into six categories that make sense–such as whole books on book covers, page flips, and scuffed up books among a few of them.

Now I’m blogging about Jimmy Chen blogging, so I guess I’m meta too. For my own analysis, here are some robot comic book covers I just found by googling “Robot book covers”. I have nothing to add.

What’s the next book cover trend? On a hunch, I’ll go with vampires. Oh wait, that's more like a sinkhole.