Losing Libraries: The Google app

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The Losing Libraries site provides a handy map to know where libraries are not. Reduced hours, staff cuts – that all sucks for free books. This whole free content thing isn't working out so great, apparently.

No, those markers (below) are not conservative militia groups, but real-live library tragedies. Maybe they should turn their employees into iPhone app designers, I hear you gotta read a lot to make one of those. And the good typists could type all those books for the Google digital library, or to be sold as iBooks.

In addition to tracking library closures, there's a link to a Facebook page called “I'll Bet I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Think
Libraries Are Important
.” (Sidenote: Aren't books long enough? Why does this Facebook activist page name need to be so long as well?)

If there aren't any more libraries, the homeless will just get Barnes & Noble Starbucks-lite coffee instead of free water from the drinking fountain. Sounds like an upgrade.