The only Borders angle that makes sense

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Was trying to avoid this topic by all accounts, tired of the blathering mourning over a huge conglomerate, plus the Borders in my town was hit by the first cut. So I don't care anymore. But Dennis Johnson at MobyLives makes the best argument yet about why Borders closed. Hint, hint — it was their fault, not the book-buying public.

He also some pretty sweet media criticism in there, all the reporters jumping to the DEATH OF PRINT without thinking about the larger causes.

Read it here.


Okay, maybe I have one thing to add. He mentions a big Canadian store stocking less than half their floor with books and now Barnes & Noble has “a novelty appliance” section just in case you're inspired to make bread after reading The Grapes of Wrath.

I don't know if this is the fungible Amazon model or if as Johnson says at Moby Lives, books don't support prime real estate. It will all be a market adjustment as books settle in a smaller sweetspot.