What To Read (Right Now) III

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Let's try two today. They're both super solid…

If you don't know Kevin Wilson from Tunneling To The Center of The Earth, well life is incomplete for you. Looks like he's working on something new…

Excerpt from The Big Book of Forgotten Lunatics, Vol. 1 by Kevin Wilson @ Kitty Snacks.

The King of the Sinkholes

Dr. Wesley Partin (1877-1958)

He was born without ears, his skin bone-white. His mother bled out. His father, a veteran of the Civil War, his left arm a sleeve of fabric, smothered the newborn baby for seventeen minutes with a wadded-up cloth handkerchief but the child did not perish.

He reportedly called sinkholes “the most vaginal of god’s natural occurrences,” though this has been disputed and is probably a case of mythmaking rather than fact.

“Tigers!” by Michael Kimball @ Everyday Genius. The paperback version of Kimball's Dear Everybody has just come out…

She smiled a smile and I have appointed myself to her. She showed me two levels down. The chocolate cake – the chocolate frosting – I really do not understand what it is for, but she told me that the dessert has been sent. We require a food protection service.We confused each other. Somebody asked — she's asking to talk face to face. There is box office food and a two-way mirror. A small window disappears. Two people are driving away.The food portions rolled by us on the dinner-time conveyor belt. We catalogued everything that we ate. Will you tell me anything if asked? I pay and wait. I turn off the dinner date. I really do not know if you feel.