What To Read Right Now XXV: Bar Room Fiction

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Bar Shark Maury Postal

Read this story, “And Understand By this” by Gabe Durham in Route 9. I was struck by it for 2, maybe 3 reasons: Gabe and I may/may not still live in the same town; it's funny; and it mentioned a bar. So you should read it. This was the 1st thing I've ever read on Route 9, but I think I'll keep reading it.

Then I was inspired to find more “bar room fiction” so this Grey's Anatomy Fan Fiction story comes up early on Google. It's entitled “Bar Room Ghosts” and includes spoilers to season 6, so beware.

In addition to Grey's Anatomy fiction, some stories at the KGB Bar LIt Mag came up. I know the KGB because of its reading series, but I didn't know it produced a magazine. Here's a good story by Melissa Rosen called “Mr. G.”