Is Tao legit now?

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Tao Lin

It was announced via a variety of mediums yesterday and in the NY Observer that 'controversial' author Tao Lin has gained representation from agent Bill Clegg. Clegg, who represents a bunch of people and is obviously a good writer himself, will try and sell a book by Lin that may/may not be entitled Siddhartha 2.

We all know sequels don't do as well as originals, so that's an interesting choice, but it would probably do better than a book not named after another famous novel, as it would come up on an Amazon search for Siddhartha. Lin described the book as a cross b/w Lorrie Moore and Bret Easton Ellis and involves marriage, Las Vegas and drug use, which have been subjects of recent documentaries by Lin at MDMA Films.

Does this make Lin mainstream now? Or is it impossible for an author to be mainstream anymore? I mean Carles writes for Grantland, Lin has an agent, so selling out literally does pay off.