Damn, Dallas On It!

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It occurred to me today that I love Dallas rap. I stumbled upon Treal Lee and Prince Rick's new video “Mr. Hit Dat Hoe” and began to think of other Dallas based favorites.

Suddenly, I am the cop in the final scene of The Usual Suspects, except I understand how all these rap songs connect. I drop my coffee in shock and the bottom of the mug reads “Big Tuck.” It was remarkable though, realizing all of these great songs I heard in 09 were coming from the same city. The Dallas sound is driven by staccato synth melodies and hard, defined drums. Throw in a ridiculously catchy hook, usually detailing a dance, and you have Dallas rap at its finest. Below are videos to a few of the D-Town hits; look at these and tell me you don't hear absolute heat.

Treal Lee and Prince Rick, “Mr. Hit Dat Hoe” – The latest Dallas song to catch my attention.

Dorrough, “Ice Cream Paint Job” – Probably the most famous Dallas rapper out right now, thanks to this song. I've noticed New Yorkers love this one. (Editor's Note: “Ice Cream Paint Job” is celebrated by frat boys and sorority girls the Midwest to hyphy kids in Cali. It is an official national hit.)

Fat Pimp, “Rack Daddy” – Don't worry, the dance is posted below the song.

Lil Wil, “My Dougie” – Oldie, but goodie.

Lil Shine, “Check Out My Lean” – Heard this regularly on the radio in Lubbock, Texas. It's a huge regional hit.

B-Hamp, “Do the Ricky Bobby” – Will Ferrell should pay B-Hamp for this amazing homage.

GS Boyz, “Do the Stanky Legg” – Even people who hate rap songs based on dances love this song.

Big Tuck ft. Fat B, “Not A Stain on Me” – Don't front; you know you love this one!

While the collection of Dallas based videos barely scratches the surface of the Texas movement. To learn more about the artists, songs and culture of the Dallas rap scene, read this great article by Pete Freedman of the Dallas Observer. He dives into the phenomenon with the proper local eye to the streets.