Timberlake joins Brother Ali?!

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brother ali

The internet never captured a more “WTF” moment.

The internet has renewed my faith in the idea of fate. It was fate that Brother Ali's tour hit Jackson Hole, WY the same night Justin Timberlake was there for the JH Snowboard Magazine party. The cameras were rolling as JT joined Ali on stage for a beatboxing and freestyle session. Yes, you just read that.

Apparently, when JT first jumped on stage Ali didn't recognize the pop star and gave him a quick boot. BK One, Ali's DJ, tweeted the event as it went down, saying “This just in: Brother Ali snatches mic from Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!” Ali apologized by letting JT spit throaty beats into a microphone and shout “who rocks the party that rocks the body” for six minutes.

Brother Ali did not twitter about the event, but he has been tweeting with Freddie Gibbs. Hopefully they do a “Bad Motherfucker” Remix or a “Wrong One” Remix or both.