Draper, “Want You More” ft. Sam Sure

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The pop-sphere has found itself blooming a little more than usual in the UK. With producer and multi-instrumentalist Draper joining the ranks, the sphere has found itself even more jam-packed, pun intended. Following his work with a diverse cast including Rita Ora and Laura Brehm, Draper has teamed up with former Black Butter Records artist Sam Sure for his latest, “Want You More.” Boosted with the signature British touch of pop magic, “Want You More” is a nighttime anthem, one to let spill out of your windows as you drive down the highway.

Sam Sure’s vocals are velvety smooth, and juxtapose beautifully against the rough edges of Draper’s chosen beats. “It’s about the mental games that go on within a relationship and exploring the physical aspects against the need for an emotional one,” Draper added regarding the track. “Want You More” evokes an overwhelming sense of desire, and effortlessly exudes the stress and anxiety that can accompany yearning.

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