Dreambeaches, “Habits”

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An indie rick band from Buffalo, NY called Dreambeaches has recently released their EP, Habits. We got ahold of the title track off the EP, and –suffice it to say–it’s awesome. Dreambeaches are a 4 piece band, led by Corey Bzibziak.

Let me say one thing first. The band is so appropriately named Dreambeaches, because when I first played their latest track, the first thing thought I had was, “THIS SOUNDS LIKE A BEACH JAM.” The tune has an instantly beachy feel from the drums and guitar line. This track is so fun and catchy, I love it. It shifts moods in an instant, with sunny highs, combined with low points as well, creating a complex melody that you’ll surely fall in love with too.

Elaborations on the song, directly from Corey Bzibziak:
“‘Habits’ was about to rain and my bedroom was ripe with humidity and petrichor, as it always was before a summer storm. I refused to buy a fan or an air conditioning unit because the seasons always felt so fleeting. A mindset that has never helped in any romantic aspect of my life.

“Habits” is the foggy frustration that bled from my pores in a room with stifling air. A carefully notated observation of my life in a single, stagnant night. An observation, turned into mockery, turned into acceptance.
~ I get lost sometimes. I get better. I get dark sometimes. Go cry about it. You are being such a baby. This is all pointless. ~
This song was my attempt to sync my own introspective musings to a wider scope.
~ I am volatile. Therefore, at other times, other people must be volatile. Why are we all acting so stable? Our teeth are yellow and we have hair everywhere. ~
The air pressure finally gave in and the storm fell loudly against my windows. It was a work night and I had no intentions of setting an alarm. Once the white noise of hard rain let up, I opened my window to a reviving breeze. I slept soundly, survived another night without conditioned air, and was only a few minutes late to my desk. What was I supposed to tell you about again?”

Tour Dates
Aug 11 – Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY)