DRÆMINGS, “Area 51”

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DRÆMINGS might have the most interesting bio that I’ve ever read. It says, “DRÆMINGS spent her early reading ark fairy tales while listening to a warped cassette tape of Ace of Base’s The Sign on repeat. At 17, she ran away to San Francisco, where she was adopted by a gang of drag queens and street urchins. She embarked on a strange, magical adventure which included a short stint as a gangster rapper, an incubation period in India, and a heart-break fueled weekend that resulted in her writing 5 songs that would comprise her demo, and the birth of DRÆMINGS.”

With introductions out of the way, DRÆMINGS has recently released a new single, called “Area 51”. This track is off of her upcoming record, The Eternal Lonesome. “Area 51” has a synth-y pop sound and beautiful vocals. Her voice is clear with an almost hollow tone quality to it, while still maintaining emotion in her voice. This cool quality creates depth and layers in the song, making it unique and slightly dark. “Area 51” is catchy and will have you singing, “fight the fight, spark the fire, move the people with your words,” for hours on end.