Linying, “Alpine”

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Have you heard of Linying? If not, you should listen to her music right now. She’s a singer and songwriter all the way from Singapore. Linying is fresh out of college, and making a name for herself in the music world. Her debut single, called “Sticky Leaves,” has almost 100k plays on Soundcloud. She has recently released her latest track, “Alpine”, and let me just say, it is absolutely stunning.

The music starts low soft, with low echoes and notes vibrating in the distance. Linying’s vocals join in and her voice is so clean and pure and truly captivating. The song is gentle and soft, and slowly builds momentum until about half way through, there’s an explosion of sound as she sings, “this alpine breeze, at some point it just got easy.” The momentum continues to build and drums come in, creating this powerful, heartfelt ballad that it just incredibly beautiful. The force continues until the very end, and settles in an instant as Linying sings her final words, “frosted in the tide, my longly satellite, the only lullaby…”