Skott, “Wolf”

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A new artist called Skott has been gaining a lot of attention lately. She released her debut single, “Porcelain,” only last month and already has over 350k plays on Spotify, named a BBC Annie Mac “Hottest Record,” and made Top 10 on Hype Machine. As if that isn’t incredible enough, international sensation Lorde tweeted to Skott, “lady, porcelain is the shit.”

Skott has recently released her second single, and it’s called “Wolf”. This track is every bit as amazing as “Porcelain”. Personally, I think it’s even better. From the very beginning, Skott’s voice captures your attention and doesn’t let go. Her voice is pure and strong. The vocals when she sings, “I’m a wolf, howling” are simply just stunning. Her voice runs up to high notes effortlessly, and it takes your breath away. There are a couple of amazing key changes in the track, and those are quite possibly the most impressive parts. “Wolf” is simply an incredible, ethereal, intense track and I’m a big, big fan.

Tour Dates
Aug 13 // Sweden @ Way Out West
Sept 28 // London @ Notting Hill Arts Club ‘New Shapes’
Sept 29 // London @ Birthdays
Oct 26 // Paris @ Pitchfork Music Festival

“Porcelain” and an exclusive vinyl mix of “Wolf” will be released July 29, 2016 on 7″ limited edition vinyl. Pre-order now HERE.