Hollow Sunshine, “Jewel After Another”

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Reuben Sawyer (songwriter/instrumentalist) and Morgan Enos (vocalist/lyricist) are the forces behind Hollow Sunshine. The band was formed in 2010 in California. Their upcoming album is titled Bible Sea, and it takes a different direction than their previous works. They’ve just released their second single off of the album, called “Jewel After Another”.

From the start of “Jewel After Another”, there’s a big wall of sound that just propels you forward into the track. Electronic vibrations course through the song as the backbone of the piece. The vocals feel slightly transparent, as if they’re vibrating along with the instrumentals, intertwining as one. The track is slow and moody, and feels somewhat somber but it keeps you engaged until the very end.

Bible Sea will be released on July 29th via Iron Pier.