Dunes are better than Bethany & Nathan

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This is
the summer of beach buzz, a craze that sends generally more forward thinking
and tasteful folks to partake in a grand pissing contest to determine the real King of the Beach.

This continues with maximum press coverage of Bethany
& Nathan
like they are Brad &
or something. Then you got Jason Lytle going the whole “pseudo-super
group” Dead Weather route with Admiral Radley and their bandwagonesque album I Heart California (equipped with a
Nathan Williams homage with future idiotic classic tracks like “I’m all F****d
on Beer,” summer winner for sure dude) and Vivian Girls losing drummer Ali
to blogocentric juggernaut Best Coast. But beyond the fanaticism of
this tidal wave, um “wave” is Best Coast’s underexploited label mates Dunes
from LA.

introduction to Dunes was through a friend who invited me to see them at a
backyard BBQ show supporting Brilliant Colors on 10th St. in San Francisco’s SOMA
neighborhood last February 13th. I didn’t even know the industrial SOMA
district had backyards, but here was a stage made up of VOX amps set up in a
garden connected by extension cords and Christmas lights supplied for
illumination. They were still recording their self-titled EP at the time and I
recall having enjoyed their14 minute set between gorging on a kosher rib eye
steak that was grilled to perfection.

shows off the group’s early 80s 4AD ethereal guitar effects that contrast
against the propaganda of whatever Mtn
Dew is sponsoring
these days. The lineup features Mika Miko’s Kate Hall, Talbot
Tagora’s Mark Greshowak and Stephanie Chum from Finally Punk. With the recent release
of their 12” self-titled EP on
Mexican Summer, Dunes is on the South West tour beat and is supporting Nodzzz and the Mantles at the Dreamers and Make Believers Hair Salon on 487 14th St @
Guerrero in SF on August 13.