Four Loko chug videos

Jeremy Krinsley

Now that Four Loko is banned in New York and everywhere else, we can still look back at the Disaster in a Can by remembering it through those who knew it best, the stars of everyone's favorite subculture: the Four Loko Chug Vidoegraphers.

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Yes, most of the results you get googling “Four Loko chug” do turn up this same large Chicano man with a patented pre-chug routine (he don't call himself DJENTERTAINMENT4LESS for nothin'.):

But he is not alone. Enjoy a smattering, below, as culled from DJENTERTAINMENT4LESS's “annotated” list of “the best” Four Loko chug videos on the web.

(Please note, as you ponder if this whole phenomenon was written into any of the doomsday hypotheses, that all of these videos have tens of thousands of views.)

Big foot does it:

Total bros do it:

Hawaiians in parking lots do it:

Lone men in their bedrooms do it, solo:

For the most part, the tie that binds these ambitious imbibers is their ability to really drink their Loko. Also pretty much all the stars of the Four Loko Chug Scene who we've hung with are enormous, truck-like mammals who could store smaller humans in their gullets for winter nourishment.


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