Stereotyping white people's Kanye tweets

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Apparently Kanye West played Bowery Ballroom last night at a time when most people were snuggled in bed. Good thing there was Twitter to keep us informed. But not everyone tweets the same, so we've broken it down by stereotype using the overarching stereotype of the white hip-hop fan as our base.

The hater.

The name dropper.

Brooklyn Vegan kanye tweets

The cranky old man.

Chris Weingarten kanye tweets

The Ashton Kutcher (aka, the Punk'd).

The philosopher.

YrFriendMatthew Kanye Tweet

The Satanist.

The trying to be included.

The egomaniac.

The I love Kanye so much I will stake my reputation on it.

The career opportunist.

The honorary mention.

The honorary white guy.

The way too many tweets.

…he got in.

The joker.

The realist.

The painfully obvious.

And in case you missed anything…

The retweeter.