Makthaverskan, “Asleep”

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On March 6, Makthaverskan will release their long-awaiting sophomore album, entitled ll. In preparation, they’ve made their latest single, “Asleep,” available for streaming, a track that the astute observer will liken to Altered Images—melancholic lyricism, ascending melodies that only reach a coda when they’re good and ready.

Makthaverskan, which roughly translates to ‘powerful woman,’ in English, have described their music in the past as “dödspop,” or “death pop,” a term that highlights the melodrama of most of their recorded material. Most songs play with a reoccurring theme of loneliness (“Asleep” with the chorus “It’s not me you’re dreaming of”)—so why not dance to it?

Now all I ask is someone sign them and send them to NYC stat. This is the sort of revivalist pop our town’s been missing.

The first single, “Asleep” is available for purchase on February 20.