Metal band sings about soccer

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Since there's no mention of integrated trailer brake control suspension, you can safely say this track wasn't written for a Chevy Silverado commercial. The references to being kicked in the face, and to Lichtenstein, however, help to explain what's going on here: a promotional track by ESPN for the World Cup Draw.

Guess they're hoping some beefy guitar riffage will confuse the sports fanatics of North America into thinking their version of football's the same as the rest of the world's.

Wait for the spoken breakdown that justifies the number of teams that Europe's allowed into the World Cup, rasped in a sinister monster voice. (“You have to consider how high the level of play is over there. For smaller European countries like Moldova and Lichtenstein it would take a minor miracle for them to get into the World Cup in the first place, much less surviving the most ferocious of circumstances once they arrive.”)

Group of Death, “Welcome to Group of Death”