Mischief Night Shares The Great American Worm, Talks Pre-Show Ritual and Being the Anti-Hero

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Mischief Night is a band that definitely has chance on their side. Partners Mallory Feuer and Marcus Kitchen met by pure happenstance, and had that not happened, Mischief Night would’ve never been born. Joined by Andy Siegel, the band was complete. Their style draws inspiration from a ton of different genres, the most notable being pop and rock, with a psychedelic influence.
They’ve recently released a brand new LP that definitely stays true to their sound. It’s called The Great American Worm, which is definitely a title that will be stuck in your mind. From here, the group hopes to be touring more.

We had the chance to ask the band some questions in honor of their recent release.
How did the moniker “Mischief Night” come to be?
Mk: I had just moved to New York and was kicking around the idea of forming a new band. Halloween and Mischief Night have always been my favorite time of year so it just made sense.
Tell me about your latest LP, The Great American Worm
Mk: The worm is a political album through and through. I wrote it in part with Mallory over the course of the last year. The worm itself represents the sickness in this country that is eating away at the ground underneath our feet.
Which track was your favorite to create on the last LP and why?
Mk: My personal favorite is “Dark Times”. The chord organ in the beginning sets a good atmosphere and the tune inspired a lot of the songs to follow.
Do you have any pre-show rituals or routines?
Mk: 1 beer, that’s it. I’ve made the mistake of living it up too much before our set.
Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Mk: Beethoven and Frank Zappa and my mother Sharon.
What’s something you think everyone should know about this band that they don’t know already?
Mk: Mallory and I keep dead animals we find in jars on our fire escape.
If the band was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
Mk: Chocolate/peanut butter. Dark and sweet.
Is Mischief Night a superhero or a super villain?
Mk: Philosophically I think we embody both aspects. Can we be the anti-hero?
Of course they can, and they are. The Great American Worm is out now. Keep up with Mischief Night here!