Dead sharks, John Atkinson of Aa, and A-Roid speculation with Ben Mathis-Lilley

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As was evidenced by the full-blown coverage of the moronic shark-on-train event of yesterday, it's a slow news week. In the eighth episode of Impose's radio show on The Heritage Radio Network, Derek Evers and Chris Robbins took the lull as an opportunity to address issues close to their hearts: A-Rod's abuse of performance enhancing drugs and the East Coast return of Brooklyn's Aa. On the show and in for the discussion are BuzzFeed's Sports Editor, Ben Mathis-Lilley, and John Atkinson of Aa. Tune in to hear why fans get so riled by drug abuse in sports and how Aa's return to our fair city brings with it Atkinson's desire to play shows again.

Stream all of episode eight at this link, then adjust your dials to The Heritage Radio Network every Wednesday at 6:30pm to hear all the news that's relatively unfit to print.