OMG, this Onion article is real?

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Onion article about Harry Potter

God, I love the Onion, don't you? It's filled with some of the best satirical writing this side of the Colbert Report, but some people just aren't buying it. Aren't buying the satire that is. You see, there are a few, sad, uninformed people out there who don't understand the purpose of the Onion is to make us laugh. Some people, get this, think the articles are real.

Thankfully, Hudson Hongo has begun collecting Facebook posts from just such people for an ongoing Tumblr he's called Literally Unbelievable. Nothing more really needs to be said, I'll just leave you with one of the more racist installments and highly suggest you check it out. We then suggest you check out how long your penis is in Danzig's.

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