Pusha Month Edition

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Pusha T

This past week was a great one in hip-hop, as long-awaited music finally made its way out into the world. So we celebrate new projects from Pusha T, Danny Brown, and Jean Grae, anticipate great things from Childish Gambino, and pray for Gucci Mane's recovery. Below, the lines of the week.

5. “Return of the gangsta, fuck a hipster, squeeze the trigger/You got me fucked up — I'm a hood-ass nigga” — Danny Brown, 'The Return' lyrics
Danny Brown, with his tight jeans, crazy haircut, and propensity for designer drugs, would make an excellent hipster. However, he most definitely does not want to be a part of this particular club that would have him as a member, and makes that abundantly clear.

4. “You can do me how you want, you got a Nicki booty/I spill my lean on her ass, she got a sticky booty” — Gucci Mane, 'Catch A Box' lyrics
Gucci constantly treads Spinal Tap's line between stupid and clever, and this couplet falls in that perfect in-between spot. The child-like use of the word “booty” lends an extra air of levity to the tune.

3. “They passing me they demos, these rappers — I think it's funny/Cause they tryna get my demo, young white kids with money” – Childish Gambino, 'Yaphet Kotto' lyrics
Rapper/actor/filmmaker Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover has made no secret of his middle-class appeal. In this new freestyle, he boasts that other rappers are now aiming for his Community-watching fans.

2. “Insane to explain, I know it might sound callous/Careless, sadist, I'm a damn lady/My fair Jeanie ran on planes in Spain daily” — Jean Grae, 'iwanteweback(the4ewesong)' lyrcs
This week, Jean released an EP with little advance warning. And fans of wordplay couldn't be happier (one song even features a palindrome!) This tune may be the only rap song to contain a My Fair Lady reference, and the fact that it ties in a nod to a specific song from the musical absolutely blew our minds.

1. “You thought Tony in that cell would've made us timid/We found his old cell, bitch — we searching through the digits” — Pusha T, '40 Acres' lyrics
When The Clipse's former manager got busted in a $15 million drug ring, the ink wasn't even dry on the indictment before Pusha was rhyming about it. This is his best line yet about the situation, with the double meaning of “cell” cementing its status.