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SKYXXX has become a household name as far as the Floridian rap scene is concerned. His style is different from others in the way that he criticizes the cliché hip hop culture ideas. He’s also the immensely talented founder of Swamp Posse, and he’s not slowing down any time soon. He’s just released a new EP, titled SIXXXTY. We’ve got the low down on each track.

The first track on the EP is “WEDONTCRYTEARSWERAGE” and it features BUKKWEAT BILL, and produced by JAKE $AND. As you would expect, they rap about thinking about how to solve all their problems as they say, “we don’t cry tears we rage about it.” The track is simple, with on a beat behind the words and a shimmer of electronic sound in the background.

The next track off of SIXXXTY is “IDWIWW” which is produced by MilanMakesBeats. This track is a little more lyrical than the first, and definitely less intense. The beat is less present, with more of a focus on the chiming instrumentals in the background. He’s just talking about his life as he says, “I do whatever I want, whenever.”

“GET ON PUT ON” is next on the EP, featuring GOLDIE LIONHEART, and produced by Jay Splash. This track is an energetic piece with a distinct background tune that will be playing in the back of your mind even after the track is over.

The 4th track on the record is “LAST NITE,” featuring Reeves Junya, produced by The Music. This track is more sensual than the others, and takes it back a notch. The rhythm is relaxed and vocals are calm. During the chorus, the vocals are wispy and breathy, which is an interesting juxtaposition with the verses. This was one of my favorites off of the EP.

The next track on SIXXXTY is “MUNNIE” featuring Marcellus Juvann, and produced by Protoolsshawty. This track takes the tempo up a couple notches, and it’s an upbeat track that puts you in a good mood. This is another one of my favorites off of the record and is just a fun and catchy track to listen to.

“DONTSAYTHAT” is next, featuring Pat Woods and produced by Protooisshawty as well. This tune song slows things down once again. The beat is a slow grove but the verses are still just as fast as before. The vocals are hypnotic and relaxed and really nice to listen to.

“BORN” is the 7th track off of the EP. It’s produced by Serious Sound. From the very beginning, the track builds up momentum until the first chorus. This track is catchy with super smooth verses as he talks about being born a leader. The track comes to an end as a single electronic note is held out, like an echo.

The last track on this EP is called “FREE,” and it’s produced by ZOM. The background is a shimmery, translucent wall of sound and SKYXXX’s voice is echoey as he speaks, and it seems to get more transparent as the track goes on. The instrumentals are mysterious sounding, and fade out until the very end.