The Canucks beat the Sharks and I end up at the Yeasayer show

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After the grueling Western Conference Finals, the Canucks clipped the San Jose Sharks 3-2 in overtime, like a gang of poachers on a shark fin soup crusade. Vancouver brought an offensive with Ryan Kesler and the Sedins that the San Jose Sharks failed to contain. Despite some impressive work by Marleau and Seoguchi we can look forward to the Sharks blowing their 20th shot at the championship series year.

In continuity of the Canadian takeover, I somehow how ended up at the first day of Yeasayer’s two-day residency at the Fillmore, San Francisco. Thanks for the fleeting thrills Sharks; you have succeeded in letting down both your country and your fair weather fans that secretly like the Red Wings more. The following are pictures of a non-hockey export from our friends up north, Yeasayer May 25 gig at the Filmore.