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This week I learned some things are best left alone. The brothers Hanson have returned to the uh, scene, Pulp reunited for the sake of Jarvis’s sagging solo career while Trent Reznor and Karen O took on “Immigrant Song” in the name of the GWTDT film adaptation. Amid all this nonsense I am still in mourning over the loss of Gil Scott-Heron, whose lyrics and vision illuminated how we have viewed society, others and ourselves over the past 40-plus years, while he humbly influenced the big musical movements of the latter 20th as well as the 21st (the intense and ambitious, Hello I’m New Here still grips and haunts me). While few artists compare to the Mr. Heron’s output, we must carry on as we go over the week in pop in no particular order.

Is this for real? Woods skateboard deck available soon via collaboration with Habitat. I figure if you’re gonna sell out, it might as well be to a skateboard company. Check out what Habitat Skateboards has to say about the matter:

“We have always wanted to work with a band and expand our musical ties from video soundtracks into physical products. Woods is creatively a perfect fit and they played a big part in the sound and direction of our last video release ORIGIN. The first trailer to ORIGIN was set to a Woods song as well as Austyn Gillette and Silas Baxter Neal's closing songs.”

But before you get enraged and hoist your, er, pitchforks and spam me hate; here’s a stream only preview of Woods’ Sun and Share.

More in album streaming news, you can now enjoy the new Seapony album Go with Me that just dropped on Hardly Art. Also be on the lookout for the ‘Ponies as they make their way out East, as they are planning a handful of NYC shows in mid June.

As Kids On a Crime Spree’s debut EP We Love You So Bad dropped last Tuesday, they were nice enough to give us all a view of their video for “Sweet Tooth.” The video will remind you of discovering the wonders of strobe lights and the accompanied delayed time perception that occurs through the flashes of varying frame rates.

Gold Leaves has also signed to the Hardly Art camp and has dropped the track “The Ornament.” The debut LP of the same name is due August 16, and is produced by Jason Quever of Papercuts fame and features the supporting talents of Thao Ngyuen and Amy Blaschke, along with the Moondoggies on backup vocal duties.

MP3: Gold Leaves “The Ornament”

And from the Odd Future camp, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain have announced that on July 12 we will see the release of a reworked and remastered version of Blackenedwhite via Fat Possum, with new material. We can only hope it turns out better than their recent show in Detroit. Stay tuned.

Crystal Swells are, from what I understand, four lazy dudes who shred and still believe in rock n’ roll, sans pretenses and all that sub-genre labeling stuff that we shove down your throats. There are limited edition cassettes of the Swell’s album Goethe Head Soup available now on their bandcamp and you can listen to “Patent Trolls” here:

MP3: Crystal Swells, “Patent Trolls”

If Brilliant Colors were on the VH1 they would be totally labeled in the “having the best week ever” category for sure. Why you might ask? They played a thrashing set at SFPopFest this past week, released their new single, “How Much Younger” and have announced their new album Again and Again due July 19 via Slumberland Records. We are delighted to hear news of a new BC record as their debut rocked us back into the land of indie-1985, when post-punk was still somewhat of a recent phenomenon and the Byrds ruled as the kings of cool.

MP3: Brilliant Colors, “How Much Younger”

Chelsea Wolfe’s new album, Ἀποκάλυψις (apokalypsis) hits the shops August 23 on Pendu Sound Recordings and has provided her new single, “Mer,” for the world to hear. I feel like I go in stages when it comes to my affinity for these contemporary divas of this particular breed of that damned-femme-fatalist style of dramatis personae. Wolfe’s frantic vocals are paced in time with a galloping accompaniment that depicts equestrian tales of good and evil battles amid a sun setting on the sea’s horizon. Flowery superlatives aside, hear for yourself.

MP3: Chelsea Wolfe, “Mer”

Mauro Remiddi has successfully got his project Porcelain Raft signed to Secretly Canadian, where the anticipation lies in the mysterious workings of his upcoming debut LP. The blogosphere seems to be all enticed by his latest track, “Amateur’s Feeling” that has some soundscapes that I think you will enjoy, appreciate and discover as the new closing track for you latest CDR mix.

MP3: Porcelain Raft, “Amateur's Feeling”

In other news, Gardens & Villa have their debut due July 5 and have released “Star Fire Power” to tide over our overbearing sense of want in the interim. It’s got the dance moves to get your friends’ hips shaking for whatever living room soirees you have planned this weekend.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums are on their first American tour since their days of supporting Lykke Li and St. Vincent a few years back. W&P have recently released Rivers via The Control Group, a double release of two EPs Retina and Iris that employ the Schola Cantorum Reykjavík Chamber Choir dozen that backed up Björk on Medulla. Also, vocalist Mariam Wallentin and drummer/husband Andreas Werliin will be participating in the 20-person super-group for the Congotronics vs. Rockers European festival tour this summer, featuring 10 Congotronics musicians and 10 indie musicians that include Deerhoof, Juana Molina and more to be announced. Listen and/or download the choral goodness of “Fight For Me” here:

Wildbirds & Peacedrums, “Fight For Me”

Also check out this video for W&P’s “Bleed Like There Was No Other Flood” that includes aquatic imageries aplenty with that Swedish minimalism that you crave.

Jacuzzi Boys want us to tell you that they have agreed on a release date for their album Glazin', which is set to drop August 30 on Hardly Art. So while we wait for these Southern Floridians to explain their album name to us in elaborate detail, we can enjoy their single “Your Flags” that was distributed on their storied Bruise Cruise.

MP3: Jacuzzi Boys, “Your Flags”

Talk about climbing the ladder and reaching the top. Word has it from Panda Bear and Smith Westerns' people is that they are both scheduled to play the Hollywood Bowl on September 25. But like any good bit of hype or run of the mill infomercial-speak… that’s not all. You also will be getting a dose of TV on the Radio, Arctic Monkeys, and Warpaint. For a substance of choice for this event I would recommend some of the purest nutmeg you can get your hands on but not before you stoke yourself on the video for Noah’s “Alsatian Darn” to get you in the mood.

Screaming Females just dropped a video for “Laura & Marty” that features what appears to be footage from recent tours as well as the band sitting on SXSW panels and what appears to be the Ice Cream Man Party at Austin’s Club de Ville. Marissa and company are on the road now with Against Me! and Lemuria.

I recently discovered this ambient artist Arch M from London that makes some fine spaced out tunes designed to fill the air of your own personal zen space. Named after the economic theorem of the arch in mean that provides a link in conditional volatility and the best forecast within a time series; Arch M presents conditional volatility between the continuums of rhythm and electro ambience. Here is a fan video of “21st Union” that will help you with your daily meditative urban power walks or rural wanderings. You can also download the EP Land Huxt for free here.

We all are excited over here at Impose for Curren$y’s upcoming June 28 release of his debut Warner Bros album Weekend at Burnies. We are also pleased to discover the latest track leak, “She Don’t Want a Man” that you can preview here. Sounds like the WB is treating him right – note the slick production work on the back beat, with synths that go in and out of layered effects and warped pitches tweaking over some heavy rhymes.

MP3: Curren$y, “She Don’t Want a Man”

Then there’s this Wiz Khalifa video of “Reefer Party” featuring Chevy Woods and Neako. The verdict is still out whether or not this can be considered an actual proper video or some faux guerrilla marketing video given the onscreen Rolling Papers promo logo. Regardless, its super dope to see Wiz doing his best Tony Montana while rolling himself up a Marley. Maybe I’m seeing things but is that Lil’ B or a look alike tokin’ up with the Khalifa entourage at 5:30?