The Furious Seasons, “Longshot”

Jessica Ourisman

Do you like folksy, acoustic, soothing, mellow amazingness? Then do yourself a favor and listen to “Longshot” by The Furious Seasons. He’s like a modern-day Bob Dylan, with hints of Tom Petty or Simon & Garfunkel. 


There is a certain type of audience that can appreciate this type of music. And for folk music appreciators, a live show is one of the best treats that can possibly be had — especially after a long or grueling work-week. It’s like being wrapped in velvet and swaddled or rocked until you fall asleep. If this does not, and never will under any circumstances, sound good to you, this is not your kind of music.

No, this is not the type of song to listen to if you’re in the mood for an upbeat, fun night out with friends. This is not the type of music to listen to if you’re in need of stimulation. It won’t invigorate you; it will relax you. It’s like a lullaby for adults. It’s soft, melodious, beautiful, and comforting.

For those of us who do happen to be folk-music lovers, this is one hell of a find. His voice is truly a gem — similar to Bob Dylan but without the nasally babble-sounding talk that is characteristic of the legend (and this is said with a great deal of admiration and sincere appreciation). The acoustic guitar and soft vocals of The Furious Seasons will lull you into a state of semi-wakefulness that keeps you alert, but doesn’t invigorate you. It keeps you listening, loving it, and relaxed — just as you are.

This is one truly beautiful track on an album – Look West – set for release October 7th, that we’ll certainly be listening to. 

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