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This was a week that reminded us that life despite all circumstances, life goes on. Service may have shut their label doors with a cryptic note, but there will still be a new album from The Embassy. Morrissey struck back at rumors of his health via True To You with, “reports of my death have been greatly understated”, illustrating a determination to recommence his US tour February 9 at Las Vegas's Chelsea Ballroom. And feign some shock and awe-motion as Beyoncé confessed to the faux lip-syncing fiasco, busted out an a cappella version of the national anthem and remained hushed on rumors of a Super Bowl-halftime Destiny's Child reunion. So while you sort out which Harbaugh bro team to care about this Sunday, get into this music game with these following team players in no particular order.

On the heels of the remaster of “Wet and Dripping“, Portland's Aan dropped by a listen to their Mystery Life 7″ available February 5 from Cool Summer Records and we have both the aforementioned A side, b/w “Spiritual Provisions”. From our recent exchanges with Aan's singer-songwriting center-man Bud Wilson, we get inside- insights into the mysterious life of one of our favorite new singles:

“In essence the song is about escapism and fantasy. It's imagining an existence where wheeling around blind turns at high speeds with beautiful women in tow is just another day. Living for the minute. The bridge towards the end of the song represents the protagonist confronting his/her reality, demanding new experiences or forfeiting everything.”

“Mystery Life” springs to life with head nodding action from a varietal of rock and roll Wilson and Aan make for their own listening pleasure. The song begins as a fragment of a classic folk-steeped intro where the mystery lies in the original unpredictability of chord shifts and arrangements made from the garage hall trends that have yet to happen before the dawn of Aan. Seize the day and follow where the unknown may lead with Bud's existential simile chorus; “Each breath is like a waterfall, running through my heart, and it lets you know, that I'm not alone, although I feel alone, sometimes.”

Next up is Aan's “Spiritual Provisions” B-side from the Mystery Life 7″. The food for the soul brought by Aan rides electric waves of guitar while amid Wilson's “part of me” alliterations of spiritual developments and needs.”There's a part of me that dies when I know you've gone away…and the part of me that dies is the part I want to be.” Conquering the loneliness and apathy is the song's come around where the spirit survives in one piece, and life goes on with, “the part of me that lives is the part I want to be.”

Meet Brooklyn's Adult Dude. The quartet at times borrows some slacker chops and delivery from half conscious recollections of your favorite 90s-flanneled heros but played in a moden pure at heart manner. “My Own Private I Don't Know” takes you to that special get away place with power chords, to the classic noise poppy-melodica tradition of “Bob's Discount Furniture”. “Fantasy” continues the band's banner of, “I don't really want to be here, I don't want to sing” anti-hero values and like the resistant I-don't-wannas of “Change”, makes little effort to cover up their J Mascis steeped vocal delivery and mid 90s disaffected guitar shredding affectations. Vinyl copies of the Adult Dude EP are coming in April while the band plays NYC's Pianos February 10 and Public Assembly March 11.

Ancient History dropped their record debut Tracks ahead of a slew of NYC show dates for February/March, and bring the carefully xylophone spangled kinetic tunnel passages of “Subway Dream”. Train station sleepy exchanges are played out in the soft lull of the piano-guitar relationship while an ambient air duct breeze breathes an ambient sustain.

Frontman Donald Ducote exhibits the sonic restraint learned from the days of My Sister on the Ancient History single on the traumatic dialogues recounted on, “Hands Are For Holding Drinks”.

Be one of the first on your block to peep the Romoface (aka Uncle Dee) directed video for number one 'Nature Boi', Antwon's “Still Guarded”, that features frontal lobe-peeling production by Cities Aviv. Waxing about guarded love and “kiss me in the backyard” kama sutra, Antwon kicks it kinky styles with a bikini clad, feline masked female companion on a short leash. Here is hoping we hear more of the Antwon x Cities Aviv collaborative works in the days to come, and loosies, mixtapes, albums and singles yet to drop. Be on the look out as Antwon's upcoming mixtape In Dark Denim will be available February 14 from Greedhead.

This week saw the Green Ova Undergrounds blow up with mixtape previews into future full lengths, collaborations, loosies and projects that are pushing the game to the next level.

Join Hollywood Squadda-Bambino as he promotes the forthcoming Playtime album with the Road to Playtime mixtape that boasts production spots from Ammbush, Blizzed Out, Keyboard Kid, Uptown Greg and more TBA.

Hollywood Squadda also presents .Lima​,​Dirty. Adult Swim that features the bonus track “Kinfolk” featuring fellow Attrakionz' Mondre M.A.N. upon complimentary download.

And get down with Green Ova Undergrounds on the tape Streets Killed Us that presents some 14 cuts of some real talk and appearances from Dope G, our boy Shady Blaze, Deezy Dolla, Lit Dinero, 600 Rock, Clams Casino cuts and plenty more to keep your heads cloudy until Summer. Green Ova to the top again for the win.

The Los Angeles quartet Hands released their 7″ single “I Want To Know” b/w “Exactly Sharp” this week from White Iris Records. The foursome presents those drifting harp like guitar picks that gives away to the bold “want to know” insistences that are more of a “got to know” with an arrangement rich piece that combines multiple suite movements for the price of one song. The b-side “Exactly Sharp” presents the shock of disbelief in the face of abrupt and acute life changes in the heart baring ruminations of, “don't want to believe that it's over” amid a sea of the group's hypnotic guitar chord loops. Also look out for Hands' forthcoming full-length LP available in April from Kill Rock Stars.

The G-Side rhyme slinging survivor ST 2 Lettaz dropped the Block Beattaz produced cut “Crown” ahead of the much awaited The Growth & Development full-length. Disproving the naysayer's prohibitive, “no more room for kings in the game”, with the enlistment of some of that Beattaz horn-blare fanfare; 2 Lettaz reings in pure Huntsville, Alabama gold and busts out some genuine Southern hospitality with, “and though I am king of all I survey, you give the command and I shall obey, you are queen and deserve to be treated as such.” ST 2 Lettaz' The G: The Growth & Development drops February 19 from Slow Motion Soundz.

The Bear & The Sea, the electronic frontier scaping and aural land shaping project of Damon Sheeley dropped the instrumental water cave crystal synth spheres of “Sandblonde” from the forthcoming full-length debut, Trees Like You available February 5 from Nueva Forma Records. The keys, sustain air vapor ripples jog through the thoughts of summers past, flickering through the memory's pages like the sand-side blonde models from the pin up magazine contraband discreetly hidden in cardboard comic book boxes. Maybe it is the relaying key drone delays or the rising, lifting, and softly falling drum arrangement patterns; but the melodic pulls are mightier than the strong sea arm of the Pacific's rip tides.

Also get a listen to the following TBATS nugget from back in the day with “Untitled #01, 1999 – Rarities and Unreleased”. According to Damon Sheeley;

“One of many, many tracks I’ve made from long ago when I first started creating. This one was made sometime around 1999 – 2001, recorded using nothing but hardware – my MC505 Groovebox being the main sequencer at the heart of it all with various synths and a sampler in the mix.”

Seatraffic has dropped a new single coupled with vintage film visuals with “Superficial Heart” as the duo launches their new site SeatrafficSounds to bring about their current singles installment series. Visual artist Sean Kelly answers Mark Zannad's cry of “what do you want, can't take it all, what do you want” with the celluloid superficial technicolor stars, industrial-chemical breakfasts, dunce hatted clowns and all. Catch them supporting The Ruby Suns in SF at Bottom of the Hill, February 13.

Get the “Play By Play” ahead of the big Harbaugh bowl with Autre Ne Veut, sharing the second single from the forthcoming album Anxiety available February 26 from Software Recordings. For these playbook guidelines, call up Ne Veut and get the karaoke on screen lyric visuals displayed here on vintage tube monitors that will dazzle with lots of synth sass and snazz to go around.

Vast Aire dropped the A Space Iliad EP on Man Bites Dog Records that serves up remixes, flip sides from OX 2010: A Space Odyssey. Get a listen to the 'Adrenaline Mix' of Sadat X and C Rayz Walz joining Aire on the mix up of “Monster”.

Get down with Black Moth Super Rainbow's betamax-bitches video for “Hairspray Heart” directed and edited by Kevin Canavan & Sara Odze and starring Dustin Runnels, aka Goldust. BMSR's new album Cobra Juicy is available now from Rad Cult and look for Fec and crew on the stateside road from May through June in a town near you.

Randall Rigdon under the name Dark Colour presents more zapping electro dance groove maneuvers that emerge from the shadows with “Burn it Down”. Following up the recent listen to the single “Be Your Man”, more dance floor breakers to come on yet to be anounced release date of Dark Colour's Prisoner.

Dean Blunt is following up The Narcissist II with his first proper solo LP, The Redeemer available May 1 on his own imprint World Music and Hippos in Tanks. With the soft, light whisper of “you bring out the best in me” you hear a piano synth string sink into the lonely couch of melancholia.

Whispertown delights and does not disappoint with their third eye transmissionary video for “Open The Other Eye” from the album Parallel available now from Acony Records. Morgan Nagler gets deep into the long dreams of collaged video about falling amid comets and clouds, and visions getting in the way of waking up.

Peep the H. Rockwell video for Illogic and Blockhead's “Capture the Sun” featuring Atmosphere's Slug. Helping to reach for the stars and grab some planets on the way are Blueprint, Abstract Rude, and others on the Capture the Sun full-length available April 16 from TK for Man Bites Dog Records.

Our homies Peaking Lights remixed Young Galaxy's Dan Lissvik produced single “Pretty Boy”, available digital wise February 5 ahead of Ultramarine's April 23 release on Paper Bag Records. The Peaking duo takes a murkier vision that Lissvik himself might have left in a shelved master, deeming it perhaps too murky or perhaps too much of an involved dance track, as the “Pretty” tidiness of the original becomes a whole new agreed upon arrangement the beats expand and grow into new possibilities.

Brooklyn's Beast Coast leaguers, The Underachievers have signed to Flying Lotus's LA based Brainfeeder and just dropped the 17 track strong mixtape Indigoism. Emcees Ak and Issa Dash bring their overachieving New York states of the spit on their first release for Brainfeeder as they are joined by a production roster that includes Mr. Bristol, Pro Era's Bruce LeeKixxs, Dreamrite, The Entreproducers, Juice, Rich Flyer, Tribe Gang's Lou The Human, and other appearances. “Gold Soul Theory” presents Flyer's keyboard tinted windows to psychotropic thoughts from the astral plain, East Coast representations on “New New York”, and Mr. Bristol dramatic backdrops work on “Root of All Evil”, “Play Your Part”.

Gothenburg's Korpilombolo ex-pats, Goat dropped their video for “Goatman” as they prepare to take on the States this coming April thorugh May. Dig their crazy voodoo and fall under their spell of ritualistic electric psych guitar slip-stream channels and tribal percussion that leads wherever the mantric chants may guide you. Goat's album World Music is out now from Rocket Recordings.

The Child of Lov's “Give Me” gets remixed by Two Inch Punch with a Focus Creeps directed video of some party-hardy antics.

Then listen as Elite Gymnastics speed up the mix and luxury track amenities of How To Dress Well's “& It Was U”. Check local dates worldwide as HTDW is taking off on a massive international tour through summer.

Oh No's Disrupted Ads is available now via iTunes, we got the bonus cut with “Controlled Riots” that features Oakland's very own Souls Of Mischief crew. Rolling deep, with a beat that's in your face and Hiero being repped proper; this is one welcomed disruption from our lives spent lived inside advertisements.

Zig Zags' cassette compilation spanning 2010-2012 is available from Burger Records, as they share the video for “Love Alright” directed by Jessica Hundley that gives visual company to the lonely, one horse salloon guitar and snare with granulated images in stunning, grainy and beautiful black and white.

Catching up with Mister Lies, we stream his new cuts “Hounded (featuring Exitmusic)” and “Lupine” from the forthcoming Mowgli dropping February 26 from Lefse. “Hounded (featuring Exitmusic)” where the chant across sleep tones goes something like, “What you crave, a voice from silence what you crave, on replay face yourself, takes time, to trust what you see, the cold lines, that form what's to be what you crave…”

Get into the land of “aaaahs” as Nightlands brings you the soaring ode, “Nico” careening with care from the album Oak Island available now from Secretly Canadian.

Barren Girls dropped their noise blaring, organ-soul-grinding single, “She-Devil” ahead of their Hell Hymns 7″, coming April 2 from Merge Records.

Brighton’s Graeme Coop, aka Birkwin Jersey's new cut, “We Don't Go To Dances” features vocal Vienna from the forthcoming Between the Weather and the Sea, coming February 5 from Absent Fever and DZ Tapes. From old interview tapes, helium horns and Vienna's song and rhyme; Jersey keeps the percussion mellow and the keys subdued.

Check out Steven A. Clark collaborating with Weathervane Music for the track “Bounty” that gets folks from War on Drugs, Ava Luna, Man Man together thanks to Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans' Chris Swanson.

Join the Smoke Fairies' Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire for an electrified day outing about the UK's vast shingle sprawling Dungeness headlands of Kent in the Alex Southam video for “The Three of Us”, taken from the EP of the same name. The Fairies' forthcoming full-length Blood Speaks comes out March 26 stateside from Year Seven Records.

Fantasmas dropped their new single “Static” b/w “No Soul” through Low Life Inc., a music promotions & management team that is jumping into the imprint game. “Static” stays anything but still and works more like the science behind signal frequency-fuggery while “No Soul” exhibits a desire for “so much more”, the shaky fears of “losing control” that get sped through the guitar saw iron squalls. Get it on 7″ and 12″ vinyl available through Low Life Inc.

Fresh off the release of the Trapper's Delight EP, SL Jones drops the Signal Point Studios video for “Let'm Talk” produced by M16. Embracing his trap-ist hustle and flow, Jonesy let's the haters talk and watches the money pile up in a suit equipped with a BREAKING THE LAW snap back and dishing out some life-earned-and-learned pearls of wisdom. “They want to smoke with you, they want to drink with you, but if your boat can't stay afloat they ain't gonna sink with you.”

The History Of Apple Pie drops the Camille Benett high energy directed video for the single “See You” from the forthcoming debut album, Out Of View available January 28 in the UK, and January 29 in the US from Marshall Teller Records.

For those waiting for the last installment of Wrekonize's The Waiting Room trilogy, catch the latest with The Rooftops presented by his crew ¡MAYDAY! and DJ Burn One. This mix has Wrek wrecking up the “Goldie” riddim to re-tricking Pete Townshend's Who's Next keyboard sequencing. Enjoy this as Wrekonize's solo disc The War Within drops this summer from Strange Music.

The Men dropped their live video of “Electric” filmed from a London performance at the Shacklewell Arms in June of last year. The Men are preparing to embark on their March through June tour of North America later this Spring in as their forthcoming album, New Moon will be available March 5 from Sacred Bones Records.

Buke and Gase's new album, General Dome, is available now from Brassland and they share the video for “Hiccup” where the camera spins like the group's own tumultuous brand of pop dynamics conveyed through the bicycle spoke tumble-dry cycle.

Popstrangers dropped their New Zealand Mixtape, Auckland Tonight ahead of their full-length, Antipodes available February 26 from Carpark Records. The Strangers give you your own private, personal tour through the NZ heroes of today, yesterday, and tomorrow's favorite, lesser-sung discoveries.

From the upcoming Weird World Record Co. March 18 release of the single Crystallized from Melody's Echo Chamber; get down to the Bardot au-go-go of “Je Me Perds de Vue” originally spiraling backwards as the instrumental cut, “IsThatWhatYouSaid”. Step into the chamber of Franco tinged nouvelle vague of crystallized vintage recreated replications, as Melody's self-titled is available now from Fat Possum.

Berlin's super-electro-squad Moderat, comprised of Gernot, Szary and Sascha and formed by Apparat and Modeselektor who are proud to present their second coming with their forthcoming future album II scheduled for release digital wise August 2 and on double CD or vinyl August 6 the world over from Monkeytown Records. Get into the Mario Gorniok edited Mattis Gutsche video of “Porc #2” shot live at Volksbuehne Berlin with those d n' b tendencies and pure mape synth syrup.

Italian-Canadian chanteuse Daniela Nardi and her project Espresso Manifesto with Italian DJ-Composer Gerardo Frisina takes the songs of Conte to new levels in their collaboration as they prepare the world jazz remix release of Macchiato67 – Via Con Me Remix EP for February 14.

Gobby's Lantern is available from UNO NYC and the Gobby GIVEITAWAY extravaganza is helping get you acquainted with all G-man's twists on every electronic construct of all releases through Lantern. Don't miss the give away, get it here.

Jump into the pool with Glenn Jackson's olympic victory lap title track from the Morning Swim EP. Forget what you ever knew about progressive house. Abandon the glitch-switch-flicking gimmicks and dive into the backstroke of the dance Doughboys with the looping keyboard minimalism and fronting bass synths taken from the melted disco ball mausoleums. Half of Oakland's James & Evander, electro-dance-programmer Mr. Jackson invites you to follow along the Olympic linear rows that glisten in the water from the early morning sun's reflection, while the Eastern bell synth samples steer you into the hot tub jet streams of big bass synths, and high twisting whirlpools. Glenn Jackson' Morning Swim EP comes out February 5 from Ceremony Recordings.

Seattle's cloud-space-by-sea producer/MC Space Dolphin anounced this week the forthcoming Hawaii 95 EP with the full length FTO release date pushed back toward late Spring/early-Summer. We got the word on these future releases from our recent conversations with the northwest's premiere sea tree smoker and salt water sipper:

“I've decided that until this ugly ass Seattle weather gets wavier for FTO, I'm going to release a mini tropical EP called Hawaii '95 very soon.”

Storm the cloudy citadel of Space's “Island Fortress” from the mid 90s centered minds of hip-hop experimentalism that coasts along heady loop of Rhodes piano nautic-hypnotica.

We also got your listen to Dog Bite's full length Velvet Changes streaming ahead of the release date of this upcoming February 5 from Carpark Records.

Vancouver by New Orleans Zen Mystery Fogg dropped by their damn loud and damn good single “Raccoon” b/w “Detour” that must be scaring the crap out of their fellow West Coast garage contemporaries. The single is being released from Vancouver imprint Kingfisher Bluez on hand-numbered copies made in batches limited to 250.

And put some evening moods on with Millionyoung's High 5 Collective visual for “Lovin' ” that captures the “always on my mind” adventures into the night lit city life scenes dotted by sparse illuminations.

Brooklyn's Isadora bring the full expanse of the quintet's might on the piano to guitar mellow “you could use some sleep tonight” care of their new single. “Barcelona”. Aaron Mendelsohn’s “don't you want to come” invitational lyrics amid the explosive yet restrained guitar to drum jam give one of the week's best descriptive moments with “reality is news to me, it speaks to me in tongs I don't understand like rattlesnake or salamander frequencies like when you're using your face to close my mouth…” The Isardora self-titled EP will be available February 19.

Take it too far tonight like an “Overdose”, with Little Daylight's flash-light-techno-rave video directed by Eddy Vallante & Dylan Allen.

And you probably have been bumping this since yesterday, but we want you to hear Rihanna update Ginuwine's “Ride My Pony” with the Club Cheval remix of “Jump” featuring Theophilus London. With Mr. London spending a good deal of time in France watching and sourcing the comeup of Parisian producers in the game; he enlists Cheval with a Ri Ri vocal cut to take us back to the day when Get Rich or Die Trying was fresh out and crunk juice was being served by the gold-pimp-goblet-full.

Seattle's twosome of Catacombkid's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of BeachesBeaches are ODESZA, and are prepping for their first national tour this March with Emancipator and Little People and drops their single “Don't Stop” full of aircrafted ambient adventurism. Celebrate the death of summer or rekindle those memories with ODESZA's Summer's Gone available for free from the duo via odesza.com.

Help us answer the question posed by Foot Village of, “why is there a God and why is there not”, with all the apocalyptic percussion on fire you crave in the video for “The End of the World” from the drum-stompers' forthcoming album Make Memories available March 19 on 12″, CD, cassette, digital from Northern Spy.

Formerly of Geographer, Kacey Johansing has been busy preparing her album Grand Ghosts for February 26 and planning an appearance at SF's Noise Pop March 2 at the Great American Music Hall. From the dance floor, across the meadows to the shore is the single “Pinecone” that presents a soothing style of vibraphonic pop certain to resonate long after the song stops and the mental music switches on in the mp3 player inside your heart and mind.

Matthew Daniel Siskin, aka Gambles dropped the rugged vocal and rustic acoustic track “Safe Side” lending some perspective and thoughts bottled up for too long as Siskin prepares for a February national tour with Maccabees.

Howth's Carl Creighton presents the Telling Truth As Jokes LP available now for free download.

Keeping the vibe rolling, sayknowledge gives us the visuals for his Mars Today and Mikos (of 40Lov) produced cut, “HEEM!” off of Vibe Called Quest. Say what's up to some genuine, serious, sincere and silly when-we-wanna-be Bay Area styles or as knoledge puts it; “once upon a time .. hella long ago. the gentrified hyphy went dumb. quest.” It's puppet show theater meets the aftermath of a 49ers tailgater at Candlestick broken up by bike borne SFPD.

Phaseone gets into the sangre sport with lazer sharp synthesizers on “Blood Spirit I” from the forthcoming If I Tell U dropping on both digital and limited-edition double wax May 7 from Williams Street Records.

That Prins Thomas remix of Carmen Villain's track “Lifeissin” feels like walking through the floors of the greatest multi-floor banger where each room offers a new stand out element while feeding from the same beat. You can find Villain's Lifeissin 12″ will be available digitally on February 5 with the full-length Sleeper coming March 12 from Smalltown Supersound.

London visual collective Shynola lends some tribal dystopian pathos in the video for Trent Reznor's celestial-entity-smiting project, How To Destroy Angels with wife/vocalist Mariqueen Maandig, Rob Sheridan and Atticus Ross. HTDA's full-length Welcome Oblivion will be available March 5.

Erin McKeown's album Manifestra is available now from her imprint, TVP Records as she shares the righteous border fence stomper, “The Jailer”. Erin wrote the song from inspirations taken from a journey to the southern border fence that divides Arizona and Mexico with fellow artists and activists as they explored the cold hearted souls of immigration enforcers and police state mentalities. McKeown's classic metaphor of prison culture kicks off a cappella in a “This Land Is Your Land” style that must make Woody Guthrie pick up a guitar somewhere in that great there after. “The nature of a jailer is to do just what he pleases but when we hang another man, part of us dies with him, pluck yourself up piece by piece, show me just what love is, show me just what love is, show me what is just, you can't keep us out, try to stop a war, try to stop a fire, try to stop a culture.” Catch Erin's upcoming March 6 show at Berkeley's Freight & Salvage.

Upon sending word of their upcoming self-titled for Fat Possum April 7, Caveman drop the single “In The City” with some synth-city-situationed controlled drone sustains and vocals that bring the passion.

Ahead of the Red Bull Music Academy's New York City April 28 – May 31 residency; get a look at H∆SHTAG$, internet music culture exploited and further explored in the first episode, “Don't Call It #AltRnB”.

Because I guess we all need some kind of “Demon to Lean On”, say what's up to Nathan Williams and his signature whine from the forthcoming WAVVES disc, Afraid of Heights available March 26 on Mom+Pop.

Mano Le Tough keeps the percussion organic and rough on the new vocoder vocal single, “Please” off the forthcoming Changing Days album available February 22 from Permanent Vacation. “You got me where you want me so I'm begging you please,” as we requests more of these parlor side beats.

Sur Realismo directs Touché's vivid color splashed video for “I'm a Man Not a Machine” as they prepare to take on the Bay with their upcoming Bay appearance at San Francisco's Café Du Nord February 25.

PVT is releasing a track a day on various blogs ahead of their forthcoming Homosapien record's North American release February 12 on Felte. Keep up with these debuts via PVT's site and get a listen to “Cold Romance” here.

Gold Fields wants you to get happy in the warm bathwater serenity now of “Happy Boy” off their forthcoming album Black Sun dropping February 26 on Astralwerks.

New York's Guillermo E. Brown is Pegasus Warning who just dropped his sensual-escapist video for “I Try So Hard” ahead of the February 5 release of the debut EP Woof Ticket dropping on Plug Research. Catch Pegasus February 5 at the Cameo Gallery with Tecla and Gordon Voidwell.

Open your eyes and ears to the what's-the-story-what's-your-opnion-electro-fury of the “Full Of Fire” film short from Stockholm artist/filmmaker Marit Östberg set to music by The Knife, ahead of their album Shaking The Habitual's release this April 9.

We leave you with The Embassy's new single “International” from their forthcoming album Sweet Sensation dropping February 26 on their own imprint also titled, International. And while their prior label Service is missed with the heaviest of hearts; Fredrik Lindson & Torbjörn Håkansson exhibit a new pan-global groove that exhibits the hedonistic character of dance music's evolution heard in reverse, a DIY spirit of independent inclusiveness, and another side, another story of where and what that evolution is heading toward.