My favorite videos of musicians on daytime television

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Guys, it was announced yesterday that the Ricki Lake show was cancelled. OMG dang. It got me thinking about this one clip where a surprisingly erudite Sebastian Bach of the rock 'n' roll group Skid Row was on her old show, talking about how awesome marijuana is:

It also got me thinking about some other clips of musicians' appearances on daytime television. For example, did you know that even punk icons can litigate in small-claims, televised court rooms? Because once Johnny Rotten was on Judge Judy:

Or that time Teeth Mountain and Shams trolled Judy:

In the early '90s, we used daytime television as a conduit of understanding the fringe. While I don't agree with the pathos of either of these GG Allin clips—one where he appears on Jerry Springer and another on the Geraldo show—they are a fascinating look into how conceptual art and performance art was viewed at the time.

Here's the Beastie Boys on Joan Rivers technically nightside show, but pretty much just brilliance all around.

Here's GWAR and The Mentors on Jerry Springer talking about “shock rock.” I think I just laughed endlessly the last time I saw GWAR, even though I left covered in fake blood. Obviously El Duce is a fucking moron. But it's still awesome when GWAR feeds Jerry to the worm.

Classic media crit from Paul McCartney on ITV in the late '60s.