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Deer Vibes

Guiding you through the holiday season, Impose's Week in Pop is gifting you exclusive chestnuts roasted on an open fire, with first a brief news round up. While word of this has spread rapidly amongst various Bay Area denizens in the past week, we are now allowed to report that Thee Oh Sees are indeed on an indefinite hiatus, Pussy Riot are set for an early release from the gulag, human rights activists are up in arms about Mariah Carey's million dollar Angola gig, and the Bieb has been talking retirement. As we deal with all of this, big it up for Adventure Galley, Magic Sword, Deer Vibes, Sunwolf, Crushed Stars, Lonely Child, and more, who join us to make the season even brighter-in no particular order.

We first got Adventure Galley's indie pop buzz circling our heads around the time they dropped “Semantics“, and with their album Anywhere That's Wild out in the world via Internet Piracy Records, we are proud to present the slick and synth studded remix of, “In Your Dreams” from Magic Sword And Noah Hyde.

The pop sensibility of Adventure Galley gets moved into an arena of pure synth magic from one of the Northwest's top notch producers. With Magic Sword fresh off their own debut album, Hyde reconstructs the Galleys “In Your Dreams” in a manner of experimental electronic realignment. An oscillating base of synthetic futurism is employed throughout, that slows down the deliveries of “it'll be alright, it'll be just fine” to their distinct sections of spots and suites with a steady mean-beat metronome progression.

Another result either intended or not, is a whole new level of immediacy that is applied to the requests of, “can I be in your dreams?” As the keyboards wash like digital oceans and binary coastal breezes; attention is drawn to the remix's valleys and synthesized environments. The vague vocal treatment breaks the re-creation of the original's stems from the worlds of the wide-eyed and awake for a slipgate entrance into a land of dreams. Magic Sword's remix of Adventure Galley utilizes a kind of telepathic technology that attempts to bridge the invisible barriers between two different dreams, shared between two different dreamers brought together in a dreamland without borders.

Adventure Galley caught up with us to talk about the making of their new album, the remix, the role of social media and the independent artist, and much more.

First up, how does it feel to have your album Anywhere That’s Wild live and out in the world?

It feels real good. We self-released it via our label Internet Piracy Records (internetpiracyrecords.com) and having that kind of autonomy and independence is great. We’re all anticipating what’s going to happen next but the important thing is that creatively we are done with this album and can move onto the next one. We have a lot of material we’re working on right now.

I feel like the Adventure Galley sound really sprung to life around “Semantics”, tell us about the development of your anthemic pop approaches and sensibilities that would lead to In Your Dreams or was written and recorded prior to “Semantics?

All of the songs on Anywhere That’s Wild were tracked at the same time during spring of 2011. We had been writing material as Adventure Galley for several years before that and we’ve always gravitated towards the pop anthem. “Semantics” does have the synth lines, the chorus 'ohs' and all the pop anthem stuff but it’s also a bit more nuanced than songs like “Addict” or “Weekend Lovers”. It’s weirder and more atmospheric I think, which isn’t actually new for our sound, it’s just that most people aren’t familiar with that side of our music. “In Your Dreams” is our first really downbeat release and again is much more atmospheric than the pop songs. We have such a constant flow of a variety of music being written at all times I can’t imagine that our sound will always stay the same.

Tell us about how you have heard your baby In Your Dreams developed into the progressive warm electric blanket-banger on the remix from Magic Sword and Noah Hyde.

When we first started playing In Your Dreams as a band it came together as an electro-metal song with some pretty heavy guitar riffs and a lot of energy. We still play that version of the song live and we plan on recording it. But when we started tracking the album Kidd changed his mind about it completely and decided it was meant to be a lullaby. So we rearranged the whole thing in the studio and got the acoustic version that is on the album. Noah Hyde and Magic Sword just blew us away though. The remix is so sexy. Magic Sword’s style has so many elements that we love about electronic music.

How did the remix happen?

We hit up Magic Sword online a while back. We have mutual friends and we ended up talking back and forth for a while. We live in Portland and Magic Sword live in Boise. Because of the geographic proximity of our cities it feels like there is a connection between the Portland scene and the Boise scene and the musicians who inhabit them.

What are all of your holiday plans?

DJ sets, travel and parties. We’re going to blow off some steam before we get back in the studio after the New Year.

2014 details, battle plans, tours and so forth?

We will be releasing more music and in the summer we’re going to Europe. It’s really all up in the air right now.

The secret of Adventure Galley indie pop adventures?

Greatness. Life becomes an adventure when you make it one.

As a band that has found success via the MySpace model, where do you all see the social media platforms evolving to and projections on how these interaction platforms enable things that before were more difficult, etc?

Social media is definitely the biggest driver for independent music right now. It’s great that these companies are coming in and providing a larger platform for independent musicians. Our Myspace deal was sweet for us because we were really a party band playing in grungy basements and dive bars with little hope of getting a record deal because we were utterly disconnected from the mainstream and the industry. Now we have a well-produced album that belongs to us and we were able to choose how we wanted to release it and we didn’t end up in that music industry horror-story of owing a label thousands of dollars we don’t have. There is innovation happening all over the board right now for independent music. Red Bull Sound Select in particular has a great model for finding local artists and giving them a leg up by sponsoring events and giving production value to what is otherwise a low-budget industry. Chirpify is also a great tool and an interesting strategy for musicians selling albums. They make it so easy to actually purchase an album as opposed to finding a link to steal it that maybe we will see album sales increasing in the future if more similar services become available. Since the Internet changed the whole game of selling, promoting, and discovering music there is finally a large-scale response from entrepreneurs, musicians and businesses to solve the problems the industry has been facing for the last decade. There is still a long way to go, Spotify, which I think is an awesome service and a cool way to share music, unfortunately does not benefit musicians as much as such a large and powerful music platform should. Considering the fact that they significantly detract album sales by having the albums posted online for anyone with Spotify to listen to, you would think that they would pay artists on their platform a bit more than the $0.007 per play that they do. I am very interested to see what happens with that though now that there has been such a large backlash from so many musicians.

Adventure Galley's album, Anywhere That's Wild is available now from Internet Piracy Records.

Indie ensemble Deer Vibes have been lauded as one of the great homespun groups from San Antonio, Texas who are beginning to get attention outside of the Lone Star State. Fronted by Mikey Vibe, the group operates like an independent orchestra that combines traditional instrumentation in a cohesive array of vibes that upholds a banner and standard of togetherness. More holistic than pop culture's forebears of Partridge Families and Osmonds, their sound salutes a testament to friendship where everyone brings their respective talents to the puzzle in a melting pot of horns, guitars, drums, more strings, and a spirited song that brings out warm feelings of goodness, good will, and inspires an attitude of overall doing good for everyone and everything.

Having recently released their Ventura EP (named after Mikey Vibe's San Antonio neighborhood), our premiere of the Stephen and Scott Andreu video for the title track is an ode to the community pool that Mikey was not allowed to attend as his street opted not to join the Ventura neighborhood's home owner's association. So with an ensemble of brass, bright attitudes and imagination; Deer Vibes keeps the vibe super posi and busts out the inflatable pool in a graffiti strewn backdrop to make the very best of the situation. So with a boatload of sound, a whole lotta heart and heads held high; the video for “Ventura” has the band taking turns and taking mini-dives into their humble pool that sits like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that embodies a 'we can do it no matter what obstacles stand in our path' approach that makes them one of the most enduring and tight-knit groups from San Antonio. With a full-length album in the works, let Deer Vibes lift up your vibrations, and stay tuned for our conversation with Mikey after the video debut of, “Ventura”.

Deer Vibes frontman Mikey Vibe gave us a little tour of their home in the Ventura suburbs of San Antonio

What is the Ventura neighborhood of San Antonio like?

Ventura is a small suburb of San Antonio. I've lived in the neighborhood for most of all my life. The elementary school is only a few blocks away and the middle school is only about eight minutes from the neighborhood. Lots of different people, but the suburb itself lacks in any sort of creative scene. The upbeat tune of the song Ventura is mostly referring to the joys of innocence and simplicity while young. I remember being able to walk down to the pond in a woodsy area of the neighborhood and experiencing nature by myself for the first time. Suburbs are kind of like a safety net to grow up in, and while breaking out is all of a different story, I like the idea of the EP starting with the song because it literally feels the way I did. Like, 'this was only the beginning' of something great about to happen.

What's happening these days around San Antonio, aside from the Spurs?

San Antonio is a tricky place for music and art right now. But we do have a lot going on in the community. Over the years you witness a lot of people and venues/galleries opening up and then a year later shutting down. A lot of good bands making music but then breaking up- and most times not even a recording for people to look back on. A lot of ups and downs through out the years. What's hard is continuing to build a scene where so many of the best talents feel like leaving is the only way to get recognized. All though I strongly disagree with that theory. Currently there really are a lot of people in the DIY mind set about things. Only this time there are so many people working together that its turning Do It Yourself into Do It Ourselves. All the promoters and booking agents know each other. So if there's a band that needs a show from out of town its almost impossible NOT to find them somewhere to play. It's beneficial for everyone when we work together, and I think even though San Antonio can be viewed as a small city, the things that are going on are awesome. The city continues to grow and the people are more and more excited about the things to come.

How did Deer Vibes come together?

The line up of Deer Vibes has changed so many times through out the years. There have been a few consistent members but none really from beginning to the present besides myself… and Devin if you don't count that time he quit to be with his girlfriend. When we started I was just looking for people interested in music that you couldn't hear on the radio. Which is somehow really hard when looking for brass and other orchestral instruments. It was a lot of, 'do you happen to play this?… or do you know anyone that plays…?'

Did you guys all do the band in high school?

I played tuba in 8th grade, but failed my music theory class in high school and never really looked back after that. Mostly the horns and strings either have studied or still go to college for music. They're super smarter then me, I'm just lucky they want to be a part of the music I write.

What is it like to compose music strictly for instrumentation and no vocals, or do you sometimes play around with vocals in the mix?

We have vocals in 2 songs on the EP, but almost all of the new songs incorporate vocals. I like to start off writing music without thinking about lyrics, its a bit a more free. But really anyone can play a guitar for 10 minutes and not sing. The real challenge is to make a song with powerful instrumentation but also give the general audience something to sing along with. Or at least connect to lyrically. I feel like as long as you write a good melody for the way you place vocals into a song it balances out to where they might as well be another instrument. Because.. they are!

How does the strictly instrumental approach perhaps free the sound?

You all have a real cohesive family band vibe thing happening, how do you maintain this bond?
We really have a great line up now at this time. Everyone just naturally gets a long great, and even when we don't see each other as consistently as we would like, it almost increases the bond between us when we just show up to a show and perform great together. Like we don't need to sit down and have conversations about our lives, as long as we all get along in the music. Tour is really a huge help in bringing everyone together in that sense. On the road we get to be the family watching out for each other, talking, and learning about each other. sharing experiences together, and each night we put ourselves to the test of how well we'll make this next show work out. It's really fun, and keeps us all wanting to keep moving forward together.

What is a Deer Vibes practice sesh like?

Occasionally we work with just the horn, string, or rhythm section at a time and that works out really well. We tighten up everything piece by piece and then are able to come together and clean it up as whole band. That usually works out best.

Holiday plans?

We'll be touring right after Christmas and through out the new year so we're be celebrating the holidays together on the road.

What can you tell us about the follow up to the Ventura EP?

The follow up will be our first full length album. We have quite an extensive list of songs we are working on and trying to determine which ones will make the cut. Because of that its hard to define what to expect, but in general, you'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll get all deer vibes'd out.

Catch Deer Vibes on the following dates:

27 San Antonio, TX – 1011
28 Houston, TX – House of Creeps
29 New Orleans, LA – Circle Bar
31 Orlando, FL – Cloud 9 House

03 St Petersburg, Fl – The Fuzz Factory
04 Orlando, Fl – Back Booth
06 Athens, GA – Caledonia
07 Clarksville, TN – The Coup
09 Ft Worth, TX – The Grotto
10 Austin, TX – Spider House Ballroom
11 San Antonio, TX – The Karova

Deer Vibes' Ventura EP is available now via Bandcamp, special thanks to the good vibration from members Mikey Vibe, Devin De Leon, Anthony Gauna, Allison Valdivia, Sam Blowe, Mark Schrack, Nick Schrack, Stephen Flores, Richelle Trube, Rob Fernandez, Kirstian Anthony Barboza, Joseph Erik Montano, Jordan McCarthy, and Kole Pantuso for making this all happen.

DC's Sunwolf released their Angel Eyes EP this past year on El Rey Records, and are helping us close out 2013 with the premiere of their gnome-boarding wintertime video for their take on the holiday standard, “Silent Night”. As we take this moment of reflection of what the the year brought, we give thanks to the trio of Rob Tifford, Tom Bunnell, and Danny Bentley for sharing “Fire Breathing Tiger“, and teaching us all how to “Push It“. But 'tis the season for holding tight to the good feelings of olden days, new days to come, as we follow an electric guitar wielding garden gnome on a banana board making his way through a snow laden Washington D.C.

Keeping in tune to the quiet motif of “Silent Night”, Sunwolf exhibits an air of understated echo and feedback for this sovereign vignette of classic reflection. Making tracks in the ice, snow and sidewalks, our gnome stands steadfast on his skateboard pulled by string, wipes out once, but keeps on going in tune to the rumble and hiss of the song. Taking a break to busk on a street corner, our elven hero finds his way to the red, low lit glow of D.C.'s Black Cat for a pint before making his way past the tagged brick walls til safe at home at his flat. And as Sunwolf concludes their take on the holiday tune, their held back approach to big drum drops and distorted edges opens the mind wide to a sound that appears much bigger and louder than it really is. A “Silent Night” preserved in a semi-muted tone, that entertains the expanses of the consciousness all at the same time.

Rob “Kalani” Tifford talked with us about bringing understated fuzzy versions of “Silent Night”, gnomes riding through DC on a banana board, their tradition of taking on various holiday songs, news of an upcoming EP, and a toast to the new year.

Skateboard rocking elf/gnome and a grungy rendition of “Silent Night”; what brought this cover and rad video together as a winter odyssey in an urban, DC wonderland?

We have done an Xmas song every year for our friends at DC Setlist. This is what we came up with this year. We did the dreidel song one year and then made up our own xmas song last year, it might have been about a gnome. Tom has a thing for Gnomes. Especially on skateboards. He had this idea to make a video of a gnome making its way home after a long day and while we started editing we thought it would be cool to make a version of “Silent Night” to go along with it.

(Sunwolf, courtesy of Martina Fornace)

Love how you selected “Silent Night” and handled the cover with such sludgy restraint, when you could have gone for the full ironic, loud and fuzzy treatment. What was the adaptation process like for this holiday standard?

We really like the Bing Crosby version of “Silent Night” he does with a choir and the tones coming from the choir were really quite haunting and we thought it would be cool to take that element and marry it to Velvet Underground “Lady Godiva's Operation”. We also have a set of Timpani Drums at our rehearsal space and have been looking for an excuse to play them!!

Favorite things about winter and the holidays?

Sitting by the fire.

What are Sunwolf's prospects for the holidays, and New Years?

We are starting to prepare for recording of our next EP, shooting to be recording in February and release it late Spring. Trying to figure out how to book some shows and where to go. So if you want us to play for you, let us know!

Toasts and projections for 2014?

A toast to Life! Enjoy it!

Sunwolf's Angel Eyes EP is available now from El Rey Records.

Just the other week we were hyping Crushed Stars' new single, “Haters” as a dream pop gem that gives even the haters something to shout about. Today we are lucky to have a conversation with frontman Todd Gautreau, with another listen to the aforementioned single with fresh ears and behind the scenes insights. Joined by the unbreakable beat from drummer and collaborator Jeff Ryan, Todd explodes the star struck sounds from the gazes of 90s dreamers into the post-millennial cork popped sonics of 10,000 champagne supernovas exploding into the skies, stratospheres and galaxies. This is dream pop at it's best, keeping in line with the understated vocals that are barely discernible amid ruckus of percussion, guitars and vision laced vocal harmonics.

Crushed Stars' Todd Gautreau joins us now to discuss the birth of the 'Stars, a new video in the works, a bit about the Farewell Young Lovers album, upcoming works from his other project Sonogram, and more.

Tell us about recording your upcoming Simulacra album, Farewell Young Lovers.

The way we usually work is I will record all the basic tracks in my home studio, then we’ll book a studio for Jeff to record drums and Stuart [Sikes] to mix. Jeff also adds a few keyboard parts to mine. There are fewer guests on this record because it all came together rather quickly so I didn’t have a chance to enlist many.

So just how did you two start Crushed Stars to begin with?

I was doing my electronic project Sonogram, but Crushed Stars is the music I had always intended to make. After self-releasing the first record, we were signed to Portland’s Arena Rock Records. For live shows the drumming fell to whoever was available, Jeff [Ryan, known as the drummer for War on Drugs, Baptist Generals, and so forth] filled in at the tail end of that string of shows then stuck around to record the next record Gossamer Days. And we’ve partnering ever since.

“Haters” is amazing. What is the secret of the dream vocals that fall into the ether of the guitars?

I am a huge fan of spring and plate reverbs on vocals.

How have these winter snaps and cold spells been treating you all?

The first day of the ice storm I made the new “Flowerbomb” video which will be released next month. A week after the storm the roads are still icy and traffic still slow.

Everyone’s talking about “Flowerbomb”, give us the behind the music scene and spiel.

I wrote the intro and mid-section of “Flowerbomb” in a hotel gift shop, then I came up with the rest later which was actually going to be a separate song which happened to lack an intro, so I melded them together. Lyrically, the person I envisioned was similar to the girl from The Smiths “How Soon is Now” video.

Give us the preview of how 2014 is going to go down.

We have some shows booked in January and may play throughout the spring. Then it’s back to work on the next Sonogram record.

Farewell Young Lovers will be available January 21 on Simulacra Records.

We brought you Lonely Child's debut of “Monday“, and now give you a listen to the next day's tune of, “Tuesday”. Taken from his subscription EP where Bryan Ray has been sharing a new song as they are made with his listening subscribers, “Tuesday' takes his creative audio assemblages into areas of care and comfort for the rough edges of the human condition and experience. With a sharp mix that combines chimes, guitars, drum machine electrics and more, Bryan takes on the role of savior with the extended hand and heart of, “I can pick you up again”. With a literary like list of trials, discontinuity, tribulations, and everything else that life hurdles at us; Ray keeps a certain hope alive and burning bright with lots of precious feelings. “When a flood is flashing, and your ship is crashing, keep on floating just because, because your song is playing, because you've known it all along…”

Once again, Lonely Child's Bryan Ray and I exchanged cables from his home in Austin to discuss his new tune, songs in the works, and what to look forward to in detail.

We last talked when you released the single “Monday” from your subscription EP. How has the song development process been going? Your new song is called “Tuesday”, will the next song revealed be titled, “Wednesday”?

The process has been really fun and invigorating. I used to just put out singles. With an album in mind, I think I'm writing more freely because I know how I want the album as a whole to feel. The next song is called “Loaded Gun,” not “Wednesday.” “Tuesday” just fit as the title for this song. I've been dealing with a lot of loss in my family and some big news dropped on a Tuesday. That's what the song is about and the name just fit.

What is it about days of the week that cause songwriters like yourself to be inspired by them from a titular sense to an even deeper meaning, like how you told us “Monday” was written on a songwriting spurt-Monday?

I don't know. For me, the things these songs were about happened on these specific days and I couldn't really think of a better title. There's something about the repetition of days and weeks that you realize on some level, every life event, no matter how big or small, just falls on one of these days. You wake up one morning and think, 'another Tuesday', and maybe that particular Tuesday your life changes forever.

(artwork courtesy of Staci Lammering)

You pour so much heart and inner thought processes from the past and present into your music. What is it about the vulnerabilities of the human condition as expressed on “Tuesday” that provide creative inspiration?

I just try to be honest in my songwriting. It's catharsis for me. My father-in-law died and I wanted to let my wife, and her family, know that I'm there for them.

Everyone is inspired by Austin in different ways, how has it contributed to your sound?

There's so much talent in Austin. I have so many amazingly talented friends and I'm surrounded by so much incredible music that it makes me push myself. I'm competitive by nature. When someone in Austin does something amazing, I'm inspired to do my absolute best. The city keeps me so fresh, creatively.

What is the Lonely Child plan for the holidays, and 2014?

I'm always writing. I think I may be doing a remix of “Tuesday” with a rapper friend of mine. I'm always working on the rest of my EP, one song at a time, and I'll be producing some more projects for other artists in early 2014. I'm always working on something new.

Listen more from Lonely Child here.

José González brings a visual glimpse of his own secret, taken from the soundtrack of the reboot of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, with the new rising of, “Stay Alive”.

Bringing forth underworld deities of the under-realms; Diane Cluck brings the sparse acoustic folk song of, “Sara”, ahead of her album, Boneset available March 4 from Important Records. Cluck keeps even the most plugged-in of listeners on the edge of their seat and spellbound by her use of voice and the persuasion of beautiful strings.

Subscribe here to hear more music in the works from Lonely Child.

Get that acoustic-to-electric dichotomy combined with the falling feeling on the single, “I Know You Love to Fall”, off the album Maps, from Message To Bears. A project from London artist Jerome Alexander of many instruments and talents, his recent album Maps presents a bevy of directions from his guidelining work from Departures, Folding Leaves, to the string and drum beat flutter that “Love to Fall” reels off of on an axis that embraces the state of perpetual sinking.

Painted Palms dropped the Xmas-time-esque cut “Here It Comes”, from their debut album, Forever, available January 14 from Polyvinyl.

League of Extraordinary Gz gentleman, Slick Talk gave the world the first taste from his collaboration with producer Eric Dingus, with “That Lower (Southside)”, off the deathbeDreams EP available February 18, 2014. Welcome to the cloudier atmospheres of Austin's ambient game of futurism and real.

Heatsick dropped the digitally warped tree to wood to paper stationary images, from Rachel Reupke's rendering of “Clear Chanel”, off Re-engineering available now on PAN.

Tiger Waves unveiled the jollied up, “Sundressed”, their new single from Canvasback Music. Chicago's Reid Comstock and Austin's James Marshall together bring some of the sunniest music to soothe, like a candy coated cough drop, these seasons of endless cold, afflictions of colds, and bring rays of sun and dreams of sand and beaches to you-where ever you are.

You have heard these instrumentals backing up such stars like, Cam'ron, The 1975, NORE, Gucci Mane, Kimbra, Gunplay, Deniro Farrar, Mr. MFN eXquire, and more; so here is Blue Sky Black Death bringing those cuts to you direct on, Euphoric Tape II. Cop these beats and atmospheres via their Bandcamp, and listen to the beats now.

You Blew It! dropped the cut, “House Address” off their forthcoming album Keep Doing What You're Doing available January 14 from Topshelf Records. Tanner Jones brings the passion to the power punked-pop, as they prepare to tour with The Front Bottoms and The Wild in January and February, with dates ranging from January 6 to April 5.

Thomas Arsenault, aka Mas Ysa delivers Woodstock, NY landscapes and hockey affinities in the video for “Why”, ahead of his Worth EP slated for release February 4 from Downtown Records.

CYMBALS crash some vintage winter chills on your head with the track, “Winter '98”, off their upcoming album, The Age of Fracture available February 4 from Tough Love Records. Jack Cleverly borrows ideas from Princeton's Daniel T. Rodgers on uncertainty, and takes them through the production lens of Hackney's own talent twister, Dreamtrak. This is the pop underground of '98 reapplied to the surfaces of 2014.

Ray West and OC (DITC) are putting together their collaborative album, Ray's Cafe, slated for January 21 from Red Apples Forty-Five, and we got the cut “Just Cause” for you to help you mellow out to with the sparse and spacy track-just because.

Maps selected a winner of their remix context, with Liverpool artist, Fuzzy Saboteur giving a fuzzier take on “You Will Find Away”. Their album Vicissitude is available now from Mute.

Also, here is “Merry Christmas (My Friend)” from Maps, giving some friendly care and cheer with a snow laden, sonic environment.

We got Skipper's new track that features Iamsu! and Dave Steezy with, “That's My Word”, produced by P-Lo of The Invasion, ahead of the Wet 2 tape slated for January 13, 2014 from your boys at the HBK Gang. Thinkin' mainstream but repping the underground, this cut marks the close of a year that has gifted the world some serious slappers and rhymes from crew that has repped the Bay and West Coast in an inclusive manner that has given the dividers and haters something to love and bond over.

Blowing up through the grapevines and blogospheres, we got that new Freddie Gibbs single “Deuces” for you, off the Deuces/Still Livin' 2 single that follows up Gibbs' recent album ESGN and the Deeper EP. Roll deeper, and harder now with none other than your boy, Freddie.

Taken off of Polyvinyl's 4-Track Singles Series, check out the beautiful electro-folktronics of unrelented beauty, with “Break These Coins”. Other artists in this series include the talents of Cloud Nothings, Porcelain Raft, Hospitality, Mikal Cronin, Mynabirds, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Sexton Blake, Into It. Over It., Efterklang, Matt Pryor, Diane Coffee. This series is super limited to something like 500 subscriptions, so check it out here at Polyvinyl.

Shake a leg and “Trip Into The Light” with our new buddy Jeremy and The Harlequins off his self-titled EP available now. Read our interview with Jeremy here about his love for that old time rock and roll and more.

The Echo Friendly gives us the first listen from their upcoming album dropping in Spring of 2014, with the track, “Panic”. The ultra hip Brooklyn duo of Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper bring the kind of drama you would expect from a friendship that at one time was something more as they deal with the panic and fear,”that it won't get better” pondering whether or not this is how it's going to be forever. You can find them next month at their residency at Coco 66, January 11, 18, & 25.

Check out Frank Herbert sci-fi enthusiasts Sandrider get wild in the performance based ruckus video for, “Gorgon”, taken from their recent album Godhead from Seattle imprint, Good To Die Records.

The Tower of Light's album is coming February 4 from our favorites at felte, and you can tap into the network of auras in, “Lightnet”. Beneath the whirring far-away guitars that work like mechanized pin wheeled, the rhythm machines works like industrious factories spitting the vocals and hollow strings upward through the chimneys and to the godless skies.

Shit Robot is prepping the new album, We Got A Love for March 18, 2014 from DFA, and we got the title track that features Reggie Wats, dubbed by Paul Woolford. Bust out the big steps, and dance the night away to the piano breaks.

Also check out the ramblin', gamblin', busin' and playin' video for Shit Robot – “We Got A Love” featuring Reggie Watts here.

Perth's Loston, aka Scott Mellor remixed Sampha's cut “Too Much” that sends big and bold synths allover the original vocals, that calls to mind Loston's earlier 2013 cut “Dinner At Ponchos” on Dim Mak Records' New Noise.

Ducky's single “Two Over Ten” got remixed by the always amazing Natasha Kmeto this week, that begins with atmospheric tones that give way to a dazzling arsenal of restrained synths that then pour into the deep end of further aquatic ambience.

Charlotte's own Well$ gave us his state of the unions on the North Villa produced cut, “State Ecstasy Pt. 2,” with Jackie Kwenda channeling Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley with word of his upcoming tape MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher dropping in February of 2014. This little number will open your ears, eyes and mind, all at the same time.

San Francisco's Scott Gagner let's everyone know that, “I'll Be Drinking This Christmas”, ahead of his LP Rise & Shine, available January 23. Watch and listen as Scott kicks into a humorous and cynical approach to the season with horns and smooth vibrations.

Picnic and Sober of Booty Fade bust out the d & b and get all Home Alone on us with the holiday banger, “Keep The Change”, with all the “ya filthy animal” sound bites you can handle.

Nasimiyu Murumba is prepping her dirt EP for January 24, 2014, and we have the lively fire of, “Even In the Dark” to lighten up this cold season of early sunsets. Joined by saxophonist Kalmia Traver withsome tuba action courtesy of Ainsley Matich, Nasimiyu boasts a bright confidence that rings like 1,000 bells and a 1,000 choirs. Consider your downtrodden spirit now uplifted higher than the heavens.

Bailiff takes you into the studio for the Remise video teaser from the album available in Spring 2014 with news of upcoming tour dates ranging from January 17 through February 28, 2014.

Jungle are hitting up the US on select tour dates from March 8-17 in 2014, and in case you missed it, check out their title track from their EP The Heat, available now through B3SCI / Chess Club Records.

Victoria, Canada's Drew Harris is Germany Germany who dropped some slick electro-emotions on, “All Of Your Love” featuring Kotomi ahead of the album Reconnect slated for release January 1, 2014.

With their Year Of The Dragon album available now, embrace your inner honky tonkin' self with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo's “Country Sky” from the upcoming EP of the same name, available January 21, 2014 from Fin Records. Catch Brent and his Rodeo on January 16 at Neumos 10 year / Moe's 20 year anniversary gig in Seattle.

Caleb James is hooping stratospheres with his ode to Chicago bulls vet that is not Jordan or Pippen with a dose of his #rapgame, “Eddy Curry”. Look out for Caleb's upcoming tape, The Jones 2.0 available in February, 2014.

Check out After The Smoke‘s trippy video for the even trippier cut, “Cant Deny” that none of us could ever deny. Get a listen to ATS's Microwave EP here.

In our continuing love parade for A Million Billion Dying Suns, get down and get rad with the dream raking track, “Hey Man”. Read our interview with AMBDS here.

Rohypnotise is hitting up NYC December 23 at Baby's Alright and January 4 at Pianos, and we have the Bon Bon Espiritu video for “Fade To Grey” that features Lucola Bang singing his synth-dream-waves while sitting stationary in a comfortable-looking wooden chair.

Antwon schooled us earlier this year on that Nature Boys' lifestyle, so get a listen to the Friendzone produced (taken from “!!-MAJOR” off the Collection 1 tape), that brings together some of the Bay's best for an all original West Coast affair.

Rising rhythm & blues chanteuse Tinashe recently dropped her Black Water mixtape that features her own productions and seductive styles, with assists from Ryan Hemsworth, Dev Hynes, Legacy, Boi-1da, and more. Begin your musical love affair here with the following stream, and stick around after for a video interview segment.

Check out this intimate on the couch q & a with, “A Look Into Tinashe”, ahead of her debut album coming in 2014.

Off his new album Ancestor coming March 4 from Western Viny, get a listen tol Nashville's Stone Jack Jones' “State I'm In” featuring Patty Griffin and guest vocals from members of Lambchop. You can almost here Stone's familial history of coal mining out in Buffalo Creek, WV in this gentle but stunning number.

Our friend Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio just dropped an amazing little single of pure inspiration called “Take It, Forever”, gave us a heads up on a plethora of Beat Radio singles that are about to rain down in 2014, and wrote a really interesting thought piece on his blog about the concept of albums post-2013, looking at 2014, 2015 and onward. The new single is featured, after this little excerpted bit of food for thought from Mr. Sendrowitz:

“I love records, i worship records, i believe in records, but you know, whatever – it was always a format created out of a convenience of marketing anyway. It doesn’t feel like it has much to do with art – other than as a sort of symbolic gesture. There’s a lot of cultural inertia – it’s the format our idols worked with, and the thing we grew up with. I’m always going to love albums, and I’m probably going to make a bunch more of them, but I’m going to take a break from thinking about them for a little while. For 2014 my plan is to write, record and release as many songs as possible, and just release them as i go, with a series of singles. It’s going to be fun I think. Maybe it will inhibit me from “maximizing potential revenue streams” or whatever, but who cares, that’s what i have a day job for. I’d rather just do good work, and let it be a process that is free from all of that. I’m pretty excited about it. Actually, I can’t wait. Hope some of you guys will come along for the ride?”

Received word that our friends Felsen are hitting up San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop for the CD release party of their new album, I Don't Know How To Talk Anywmore, where they'll be headlining with support from Brad Brooks, and We Became Owls. Tickets avaialble here.

In time for the holidays, it's a Burger Holiday Mix with your favorites from Cornershop, The Muffs, Dressy Bessy, The Three O'Clock, Bobby Harlow, The Memories, Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves, Cleaners From Venus, R. Stevie Moore, White Fang, Unkle Funkle, Free Weed, Todayshits, and much more. Check out Burger's January schedule, following the jump from the mix.

January cassette releases
07 – Outrageous Cherry – Best Of Outrageous Cherry
07 – Chain and the Gang – Music's Not For Everyone
07 – The Rebel Set – How To Make A Monster
14 – Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess
14 – Frankie Rose – Herein Wild
21 – together Pangea – Badillac
21 – Circle Jerks – Group Sex
21 – Twink – You Reached For The Stars
28 – Holy Wave – Relax
28 – Habibi – S/T

January 2014 vinyl releases
14 – Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess
14 – The Three O'Clock – Aquarius Andromeda
28 – Habibi – S/T
28 – Night Sun – No Pressure 7″

January 2014 CD releases
14 – Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess
28 – Habibi – S/T

January 2014 book releases
14 – Wartella's Strip Show: 25 Years of Comix, Controversy & Copyright Infringement

January 2014 shows
(All Shop Shows @ 645 S. State College Blvd. #A, Fullerton, CA 92831)

08 – Shop Show w/ Bad Antics & Half Goon – 9PM / FREE / AA
11 – Shop Show w/ Dub Thompson, Dante Elephante, Trashberries – 9PM / FREE / AA
18 – Burger Fiesta II @ Hard Luck Tavern w/ Audacity, Colleen Green & More! – 7PM / $6 / 21+