Week in Pop: Baywitch, Laurel Saints, unhappybirthday

Sjimon Gompers

Stockton sons Laurel Saints, from left, Jose Medina & Marcos Gonzales; photographed by Jameel Rasool.

Born Days

Stars, stripes & illumination with Born Days; press photo courtesy of Melissa Harris.

We recently introduced you to Melissa Harris, oka Born Days with a listen to the single “Analogue” and today we present the moody electronic atmospheres of “In the Sun” that explores the darker spots & sides of the fiery solar planet. The Chicago based artist brings about a plethora of feelings to the synth saturated medium where the sustains of the preset keys are able to underline expressions & thoughts that are sung like a gothic choir of dark clad angels. Under the Born Days moniker, Harris is able to design & decorate a world of her own imagining that mixes the motions from the material world while building an intriguing audio reality.

“In the Sun” is a slow burning track that runs right underneath the five minute mark that sounds like a sunrise/sunset occurring in either accelerated or delayed timing ratios. Melissa allows every note to breathe where the track provides every component ample air & space to dwell. Born Days brings about the sentiment of a new day that materializes right before the listener’s ear & mind that captivates the entirety of their attention. The environmental textures create the feeling of exploring the area of an old warehouse or abandoned cathedral where tensions can be both heard & felt with every inkling & element of audio involved in the overall mix. Melissa introduced “In the Sun” to us with the following reflections:

“In The Sun” is about that moment when you realize that everything is nothing and nothing matters. But it’s also about when you realize that everything is something and that everything is extremely raw and true and important. I wanted to write a song that would make someone feel like they are floating in space, but not in a relaxing way. I wanted it to feel like you really are floating in space and, if you really were, you would have this intense anxiety that you are going to die and you might never make it back.

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