Week in Pop: Baywitch, Laurel Saints, unhappybirthday

Sjimon Gompers

Stockton sons Laurel Saints, from left, Jose Medina & Marcos Gonzales; photographed by Jameel Rasool.


EL MAR, aka Joey Primero; press photo courtesy of the artist.

The latest from industry insider turned icon EL MAR, oka Joey Primero, we present a listen to the new single seven years in the making titled “Don’t Say” featured off the forthcoming debut album. An artist whose sounds are fashioned in a multitude of styles from pub lamp lighting anthems to inspective numbers; EL MAR entertains the latter on “Say” that pushes away those conversation & words that we wish others would rather not tell us.

Having an affinity for Americana pop balladry that defies time & place; “Don’t Say” exhibits those constant & numerous pangs of anxiety fear that arrives with living in the big city and the second guessing of various decisions. EL MAR illustrates all the adjustments & inward observations of others that are kept calmly to the self that sorts out the things that the heart wants amid the dead end roads to nowhere. Primero’s voice is on full display as she banishes all talk of dashed hopes & allusions to dead ends as aesthetic visions remains without compromise no matter what detours are taken along the way. Joey Primero introduced the new EL MAR single to us with the following exclusive insights:

“Don’t Say” was one of the first songs I wrote after moving to NYC. I was feeling depressed and questioning my decision in taking a job in music PR. I had a lot of regrets. I should have kept on pushing. I should have been focusing on my music, on my passion. But reality also sunk in and it was me saying, well, I’ll give this whole PR career thing a shot and see what happens. That’s why the opening line says, can rearrange my dreams, can box them up with hope, can keep them in my locket, and pray that I don’t choke…

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