Week in Pop: Bass Drum of Death, Davila 666, Girls Names

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With almost every artist and band that you love putting an album out, 2011 is off to a year of great pop potential. Should you find yourself bummed because Arcade Fire and the Black Keys shut down Vampire Weekend at the Grammy’s, or freaked out by the “Goblin” video from Tyler and the OFWGTKA crew, then look at all the mad releases flying our way this week. Yuck’s debut album, Beans’ End it All, Katy Goodman’s goodtime La Sera’s debut release, the highly anticipated Babies self-titled, Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick album, Dam Mantle’s First Wave and plenty more. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on those later but for now it’s the week in pop in no particular order.

Recently heard this Puerto Rican treasure that Vice or somebody heralded as “The World’s Greatest Party Band” called Davila 666. They got an album in the works entitled Tan Bajo coming to you from In The Red Records February 22, and we have this single “Esa Nena Nunca Regreso” to share. Big amplified vocals singing in Spanish about the girl that got away while kicking out sound through big power fuzz distortions. Watch this space for Davila 666’s tour schedule soon.

Davila 666, “Esa Nena Nunca Regreso”

If you’re still not convinced, listen to them cover the Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow” with Buenos Aires’ Los Peyotes and compatriots Los Vigilantes.

Davila 666, “Borrando el Negro (She’s a Rainbow)” (with Los Vigilantes + Los Peyotes)

Also discovered Bass Drum of Death from Fat Possum’s band roster. People are pretty excited about this duo, given that the last time the ‘Possum put out a two piece it was in the guise of the Black Keys and we all know that story. Another intriguing side note is that BDOD is represented by the OFWGKTA management fleet team which means you might seem them receiving piggy back rides from Jimmy Fallon sometime in the near future if Tyler the Creator and co’s late night antics are any indication.

Check out BDOD’s “Young Pro’s” which somehow reminds me of every prep school football game that I never played in, let alone attended.

BDOD – Young Pros by WeGetPress

And if that doesn’t take you back to the days of lunch ladies, sweat fermented gym sweats and awkward everythings, “High School Roaches” will.

Also check out this clip of BDOD at last year’s Handsome Fest in top form. Look for their debut titled GB City out April 12 on Fat Possum.

BDOD at Handsome Fest (Carbondale, IL)

We here at Impose and Goldmine Sacks have been playing Tape Deck Mountain’s “It Goes Down” religiously and to our delight the video is now here. We take no responsibility for any strobe light induced seizure side effects that this video may or may not cause.

Tape Deck Mountain, “It Goes Down”

Tape Deck Mountain – It Goes Down from Travis Trevisan on Vimeo.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can get more of the ‘gaze and those lazy loops on the EP title track, “Secret Serf” here.

Tape Deck Mountain, “Secret Serf”

Tape Deck Mountain’s Secret Serf EP is available now and you catch them on the road at these CA/NV venues:


05 San Diego, CA – The Che Cafe with Velveteen

11 San Diego, CA – Casbah with Asobi Seksu and Braids

12 Las Vegas, NV – Neon Reverb Festival

21 San Diego, CA – Casbah with Esben and The Witch

26 Los Angeles, CA – Fresh Bruises Warehouse Party

Then there is the UK’s Secret Cities, who politely decline the pratfalls of the nostalgic washed-out sound variety for an AM radio brand of smoothness. Their single “Love Crime” rocks that old school amplitude modulation radio wave.

Secret Cities, “Love Crime”

They even have a North American tour already in effect:

18 Fargo, ND at The Aquarium

19 Minneapolis, MN at 7th St. Entry with Tennis, Holiday Shores

20 Iowa City, IA at The Mill

21 Madison, WI at Der Rathskeller with Wild Nothing, Abe Vigoda

22 Chicago, IL at Subterranean

23 Ann Arbor, MI at The Blind Pig

24 Cincinnati, OH at Mayday

25 Bloomington, IN at The Bishop

26 Chattanooga, TN at JJ’s Bohemia

27 Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade

28 Tallahassee, FL at The Farside

01 New Orleans, LA at Howlin Wolf’s Den Room

02 Houston, TX at Mink

03 Frisco, TX at Lochrann’s

05 St. Louis, MO at Cicero’s

Banjo or Freakout are providing a stream of their debut album through Hype Machine. This ought to tide you over until their self-titled debut hits the shops February 22 on Rare Book Room Records.

Banjo or Freakout by Banjo or Freakout

And if the Sound Cloud streams are far from enough, you can download “Go Ahead” from the album here.

Banjo or Freakout, “Go Ahead”

Catch Banjo or Freakout on their first US tour:

25 New York, NY Glasslands
29 New York, NY Knitting Factory with Papercuts
30 Washington DC, Black Cat Backstage with Papercuts
31 Raleigh, NC Kings Royal Barcade with Papercuts

01 Atlanta, The Earl
02 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder at FSU with Papercuts
04 Dallas, TX The Loft with Papercuts
05 Austin, TX Emos with Papercuts
07 Phoenix, AZ Rhythm Room with Papercuts
08 Los Angeles, CA The Satellite with Papercuts

Received word that Girls Names has signed to Slumberland Records ahead of releasing their debut Dead to Me April 25 in the UK/Europe on and April 26 stateside on Slumberland. As a treat we get to hear a rip-curling, surf board-busting indie jam “Séance on a Wet Afternoon” which will bring to mind the list of sacred cow underachievers whose names are inscribed on tablets that Girls Names have in their possession, no doubt.

Girls Names – Seánce on a Wet Afternoon by Slumberland Records

You might also remember Girls Names from last year when they put out a split 7-inch with San Francisco’s Brilliant Colors. If you missed it, here’s “I Lose”, which packs enough frenetic angular guitar racket to make you feel like a winner.

Girls Names – “I Lose” by Tough Love

Earlier this week South Carolina’s Hard Mix released the single “Now Her” from the forthcoming debut Defaults, due March 1. My press sources also tell me that Defaults will be available for a legitimate download via Dovecote Records online on March 1. Allegedly, a second album slated for release later this year is already in the working stages. But until those beautiful days, enjoy this stream of “Now Her.”

Hard Mix – Now Her by WeGetPress

Finally, the Cloud Nothings single “Understand at All” now has a music video involving some truly mystic corner store weirdness. You’ll be left wondering: what the hell is up with that psychedelic Larry David look-alike pensioner?