Week in Pop: Acting Strange, Baseball Gregg, Juliana LaChance

Sjimon Gompers

Why Baseball Gregg are rapidly becoming the world's most talented multinational pop duo, with Luca Lovisetto & Sam Regan (from left) living it up in Liguria, Italy; press photo courtesy of the artists.



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TOWNeS are the duo of H. & B. Townes who share a first listen to their EP trilogy with First that takes you into the group’s ethereal world of electronically enriched compositions. The twosome paints audio textures that pertain to kinetic & decisive action that ask for anything but apathy from their listening & responding audiences.

The trip takes on a journey of it’s own with “No Turning Back” that takes you past the point of no return with an arrangement of incentive audio hooks that allude toward a promised land. “DANCe” is an illustration of the footwork that represents the journey, while “SAVe Me” seeks a savior amid the engulfing thread of perdition, while “Without You” provides a melancholic finish that showcases the duo’s range.

H & B Townes provided us with the following exclusive introductory paragraph reflecting on making of First & more:

Looking back on making First (and the rest of the trilogy) it was the first time we had ever done a music project with no involvement from outside professionals – from start to finish (aside from Mastering). To that we can say that we are definitely proud! We sacrificed a lot to be able to do music and we focus our entire lives around it. We feel like this is what we were placed on this earth to do! We learned a lot about ourselves and making music in this process. Once we made the decision to be completely independent, which was out of necessity, we had to become proficient in our recording software, on several new instruments, and in the music business simultaneously. You can visit our Instagram page to see evidence of how independent we are talking here. We physically built a recording studio in our basement before we ever started recording. And to clarify, I mean built like with 2 x 4’s and drywall. Anyway, we already had experience writing recording and performing in other projects but, with this project, we really learned to lift the limits on ourselves and to accept things that we did not have control over! After all, that’s part of the creative process. As far as the music, we took influences from everywhere. Sometimes we would experience something or a friend would experience something and tell us and it would influence us to write a song. There were times when a commercial or a scene in a TV show or movie was moving enough to drive us to write a song. Sometimes we would literally hear somebody say something that was catchy enough to be a lyric and that would birth a new song! Either way everything was written with a specific purpose in mind… but we’re also excited to see the many different interpretations that people come up with for our songs. It’s really cool when people have a totally different perspective on a song that you wrote but it still makes perfect sense for their situation! We are still finding our voice and our sound and we just hope that people enjoy the learning and growing process that we are going through as much as we enjoy going through it!

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